2007 Leipzig Games Convention – Nintendo booth review


German Infendo fan, Maximilian Hepach, shared his recent experience at Nintendo’s booth during the 2007 Leipzig Games Convention:

I’ve been going to the Leipzig Games Convention ever since it started and I went again this year.

After praising Nintendo last year for their small but efficient booth, I had high hopes this year which were quickly dashed. Nintendo had a booth 3 to 4 times the size as last year but you could only play Brain Age, Wii Sports and Wii Fit. They had no other games. I can fully understand why they are demoing these games, since they appeal to the casual gamer market, but to not have a way to rent a DS or any place to sit like they did last year ruined it.

“Pure Awesome” is a good way to summarize their booth at GC 2006. They had a Table where you could rent the DS and LOTS of seats. Last year I was able to sit down at their booth, turn on my DS, download a few demos, and play with other people. This year they didn’t even have a Download Station.

From my standpoint Nintendo had a very poor showing at GC 2007.