1UP praises Twilight Princess’ Wii controls

For those of you who still have some concerns that the Wii version of Twilight Princess will suffer from tacked on controls that just feel “meh” considering the game was originally designed for the GameCube, 1UP has a good run-through of the game’s controls that just might cast your looming fears aside.

According to the article, “For all the proclamations of doom, for all the dread that a departure from Zelda’s traditional controls would break the game, Twilight Princess’ Wii functionality is shockingly intuitive, impressively precise, and gloriously playable.” Jeremy Parish concludes by saying, “Zelda doesn’t play at all like a game that had a new control scheme grafted on well into the game’s development. The Wii functionality is both intuitive and incredibly beneficial to the game — frankly, it’s difficult to imagine going back to the clumsy GameCube controller after a few hours of time with the Wii version.”

Like many of you, I want this game bad. My Wiimote apprehension vanished months ago, and I’m at the point where if you ask me why I’m excited about Sunday, my answer isn’t “Wii.” It’s an enthusiastic, “Zelda!”