10 things to do on Wii while you wait for games

Mario PartyI just got done with Godfather Blackhand Edition, played enough Tiger Woods, and I’m done with Super Paper Mario too. My Wii has finally hit a resting spot, at least for me anyways. However, while at GamePro last week, I heard some awesome things about Super Mario Strikers. The fellers there said they’ve been playing a preview copy for hours, in full-out screams and yells it’s so fun. Can’t wait for that as well as Mario Party this summer too.

That said, some homey has compiled a list of 10 things he plans on doing while he waits for more games. It’s funny because as last months NPD numbers showed, the rest of the world (read: gamer laymans) are still being initiated into the Wii life, particularly Wii Sports. For those that have had the system six months now, you may or may not be coming to a temporary stopping point. If so, here’s an idea from the list: “Play the past top 25 Gamecube games. Despite it’s lower market share and small size, the Nintendo GameCube has a TON of great games that a lot of people missed out on. Check out IGN’s list of the top 25 games on the little system.”

Halo 3 Beta on 360 is quite a bit of fun too.