10 Reasons to Wait For the Revolution

Though the list is written by IGN’s in-house Nintendo enthusiast, here’s their Cube department’s 10 reasons why you should skip the Xbox 360 and wait for the “real” next-generation Revolution:

  1. The Controller Will Change Everything
  2. Super Smash Bros. Online
  3. Revolution is Small, Stylish, and Quiet
  4. True Backward Compatibility
  5. Revolution Will Be a Lot Cheaper
  6. Metroid Prime 3
  7. Girls and Grandpas Will Play Revolution
  8. 360 Doesn’t Have Legend of Zelda
  9. Same Games, Prettier Graphics (Xbox)
  10. Limited Funds and Quantities

Though I don’t agree with all the logic behind his numbers (i.e. #3 – I don’t buy hardware for that, I buy hardware for great games) I agree that waiting for the Revolution is a just cause. What’s missing from the list and what would you change?

[Source: IGN]