10 Reasons to Wait For the Revolution

Though the list is written by IGN’s in-house Nintendo enthusiast, here’s their Cube department’s 10 reasons why you should skip the Xbox 360 and wait for the “real” next-generation Revolution:

  1. The Controller Will Change Everything
  2. Super Smash Bros. Online
  3. Revolution is Small, Stylish, and Quiet
  4. True Backward Compatibility
  5. Revolution Will Be a Lot Cheaper
  6. Metroid Prime 3
  7. Girls and Grandpas Will Play Revolution
  8. 360 Doesn’t Have Legend of Zelda
  9. Same Games, Prettier Graphics (Xbox)
  10. Limited Funds and Quantities

Though I don’t agree with all the logic behind his numbers (i.e. #3 – I don’t buy hardware for that, I buy hardware for great games) I agree that waiting for the Revolution is a just cause. What’s missing from the list and what would you change?

[Source: IGN]


  1. personally i love the xbox360 but i also love the revolution in the same way…like my two sons… BUT due to my income, and my cheapness, i’m letting go of my other son…(360)in order to save my son (Revolution). Seriously though I hope Revolution will have an ethernet jack, since most people won’t have a wireless router =( including me =(

  2. You don’t need an ethernet jack… the Rev is compatible with the Nintendo wi-fi USB adapater that just came out for Nintendo DS.

    Anyway, it was a bit disheartening to see a “Reasons to wait for Revolution” list coming from people who already bought the 360. 😛 Not very convincing in that respect, but still pretty decent reasons filling out the list.

    I also noticed that of the three “10 reasons” lists, this one is far and away the most understanding, reasonable, and not so “OMFG UR A NUB LOL MY GRAPHIX R SO MUCH BETTAR THAN URS LOL!!!!!” in attitude like the ones for PS3 and Xbox 360.

  3. Here are 6 good reasons I wrote up a few weeks ago:

    1) I am not a “gamer” in the modern, mainstream sense, but I love playing games, and I am going to college next year. Basically, I’m in the market and will at least take a look at the next-gens.
    2) I have never liked regular video game genres. There’s nothing new under the sun on the other next-gen consoles. The only PS2 game I enjoy is Katamari Damacy (although I have never played GTA). I hate all Xbox games. Gamecube has Mario Party, but you can only play Mario Party so much. NR promises new kinds of games with its controller.
    3) I don’t like portables because they seem anti-social, or at least a social crutch. I don’t care whether they are or not, they just give me that impression.
    4) I think graphics are worthless. Until Sony can show me graphics that look like photographs, I don’t give a shit how many textures my processor can produce. Photo-quality models will be hell on developers, anyway.
    5) Speaking of worthless graphics, I love many of the NES and SNES games, which I never had a chance to play as a kid, and will gladly pay full price to play them on a current system. Super Mario World? Earthbound? Hell yeah!
    6) Nintendo has been hinting at an open SDK. That would attract me even if I wanted another console.

  4. Ten good reasons:

    1 – The system focuses on enjoyable gameplay over graphics, and the system was made specificly for playing games

    2 – Revolutionary design (controller)

    3 – Designed to be wireless

    4 – Focus on getting new players (any gender, any age)

    5 – Backwards Compatibility – can play all NES, SNES, 64 and GameCube games

    6 – Will cost less than the 360 and PS3

    7 – Parental control (ok, so 360 has this as well)

    8 – Save games can be stored on flash media

    9 – The “one more thing” that they have yet to announce

    10 – Online gaming made easy

  5. LOL,
    Guys read the article from the link below. It’s not even a week yet and the 360 is having heating and system crashing issues. Hmmm sounds like Microsoft MO.


    Hmmm you can make that number 11 in reasons not to buy the 360. The real next Gen systems are coming 2006 not 2005.

  6. Nothing. Perfect. With all the 360 hype, just SEEING somebody right this list is good enough for me. My favorite IGN article in a while

  7. IGN are Xbox fanboys. 😉

  8. For the same price as a Premium 360 + a 2nd controller and 1 game, I can buy all 3 consoles of this generation, 2nd controllers for each and about 10 greatest hits games.

    Now, why would someone even contemplate the 360 at this price?

  9. “IGN are Xbox fanboys. ;)”
    Hardly, the top 10 reason to get a Revolution article was written up by the GameCube department of the website. From reading I get the feeling that the various console departments in IGN are battling it out against each other lol.

  10. I only need three reasons to want Revolution:

    1) I’m ready to play games differently. [Anyone who has played Donkey Kong Jungle Beat with the bongos can attest to the fun of an alternative controller.]

    2) Price. [I’ll be able to buy the system and not feel like I’m extravagantly spoling myself.]

    3) Franchises. [Zelda, Mario, etc., etc.]

  11. “I don’t agree with all the logic behind his numbers (i.e. #3 – I don’t buy hardware for that, I buy hardware for great games)”

    It’s nice to have nontheless.

    I’m sorta surprised by the 360 hardware issues. I thought they were so hell-bent on making a good impression that the systems would be flawless. Maybe it was a rushed launch after all. Oh well, more fodder for the fanboys i guess.

  12. “it was a bit disheartening to see a “Reasons to wait for Revolution” list coming from people who already bought the 360. 😛 Not very convincing in that respect”

    They didn’t buy them, Anon, they’ve had them for weeks. All they’re doing is passing on a caveat emptor.

  13. Not convincing? Am I not allowed to post to Infendo because I have PS2? This isn’t politics, it’s gaming, so there is no “play only one system or die” belief system in place here.

    In fact, I would value the opinion of a journalist (disclosure, I am one) who has at least played 360 and then made a list like this more than a Nintendo blind fanboy follower who simply spouts off Big N talking points with no background.

    This is actually a pretty good article, and I especially like the “out of the box” thinking with the art, style and function listing. I hate fans and hardware noise, and the way they describe 360’s fan makes me think of an old computer I had back in the 90’s.

    Now that that’s out of the way, who’s read about all the hardware and software glitches and crashes with 360 this week? Hey, I’m all for objectivity, but a little jab here and there is just fun 🙂

  14. I’m planning on getting a 360 eventually… maybe Christmas 2006. But another reason not the get the 360 now:

    Price drops.- True, the 360 is being sold by Microsoft at a loss, despite the consumers’ complaints about it (I read somewhere the loss is about $126 per unit), but you can count on the price dropping a year from now, maybe even sooner.
    The price of the Revolution seems like it is going to be just right to buy at launch time.
    Oh, and for those who laugh at the 360s that are crashing and burning: ALL consoles have several units with defects at launch time, so expect even the mighty Revoution to have its own launch problems…

  15. Remember about a year after PS2 came out all of the original PS2s stopped reading some disks.

    I expect the same to happpen again, and probably with both PS3 and 360.

    My Gamecube never gave me a prob, and I had to buy a second PS2.

    BTW I am a former Play Station freak. I was converted back to my roots by Metroid Prime and Windwaker, and have never played my PS2 since. Now I have a subscription to Nintendo Power and buy only Nintendo games and hardware.

    I may own a XBox 360 when prices go down, and I am compleatly done with Sony, but until then there is plenty of Mario Kart to play and Zelda to prepare for.

    Waiting for the Revolution.

  16. JB Cougar, u deserve this. *applauds*

  17. I thought it was a fine article.

    The main reason that I will hold out for a Rev is that is is the only system that has been able to rekindle my dying interest in gaming. Although I read Infendo and Kotaku everyday, although I read through all the gaming magazines in Barnes & Noble, I have been seriously uninterested in gaming. Since a sad Gamecube incident, my Cube was on the fritz and I decided to dissect him. Oh the wonders I found inside! But that’s beside the point. But without my Cube, I simply was not really interested in gaming. There was nothing that grabbed me and said “Wow, you gotta try this!” I was planning on going retro and bringing my beloved Snes on with me as my only system for the rest of my days. It looked certain as the next gen approached, same old, same old, Xbox360, PS3, but wait what’s this from Ninty? And then it clicked. I wanted to play again. The Rev is just a dream system. And I still get my Snes magic. Thank you Nintendo.

    Megaman Soccer had better dang be downloadable though. And simply the VAGUE possibility of classics like Goldeneye and Worms: Armageddon going…..online… Oh joyous day.

  18. Would be nice if they let you download Square Enix’s games at least.. Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana… *sigh* Life is good.

  19. An important factor that the article didn’t mention is the fact that Nintendo promises playing their games online will be FREE. Personally, I don’t have that much time or money to spend on my gaming hobby, so no matter how good Xbox Live is, I really can’t afford it. With the Revolution I will play oline for free!

  20. Since I have a phisical dissability giving me limited movement on my right hand, it makes it frustrating to use two analog sticks at the same time like a few of the first person shooter games on PS2 and XBOX. To even think that a few people who have the capability to use two analog sticks, they say its its also dificult to control. With this technology that nintendo developed for the revolution you are fully able to play games with only the use of 1 hand, which is the reason why I’m waiting for the revolution. If i were to buy an Xbox 360, I’ll be incredibly frustrated with the controls knowing that the controls are already set and cannot be configured for personal preference, where as in nintendo revolution, controller setup isn’t based within the game but within the console. You don’t need 14 buttons to play a game, it shouldn’t be as dificult as learning to play a guitar.

  21. hey i have an idea for nintendo

    although it will probly never happen i would like to be able to stick my favorite sega cd, sega saturn, and sega dreamcast games in it and play them too

    call me crazy but they should also let you download sega master system, genesis, and game gear games too

    and by the way will gameboy/color/advance games be downloadable

    and how much are all these download games gonna cost, i find it just a little bit silly to download super mario 64 for like 30 bucks if the one i already have for my n64 works fine

  22. Nornor- That’s great to hear. That was one of the great overlooked points of the DS i used to go on about.

    Anon- No…to everything.

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