1 Mil in the UK

The DS has pulled ahead in the UK. Back when the PSP dropped over there, it broke the DS’ newly set launch sell through record by more than double. PSP used to be the talk of the town for them. Up until recently, the UK’s handheld situtation was 800,000/798,000 DS/PSP. Now, DS has broken away and reached its 1st million. Bravo Nintendo.

The question now is: What region will reach 1 Million next?

[Source: BGB]


  1. That’s all great and all but I get the general impression that in my region of the UK the PSP is the talk amoung people. Of course my impression is based purely on what I overhear, but still I know for a fact that the PSP is the talk of the chavs, which I have no idea if it’s a good or bad thing. :-S

  2. I suppose it still is the talk of the town. It sounds like the situation here in the US- everyone raves about PSP but the ppl who are into DS tend to be the more knowledgeable core types that know exactly what they’re getting into. PSP has the mainstream by the balls. DS gamers just play their solid games and blend into the background because of the system’s subdued appearance.

    Also, alot of the ppl that have DSs here don’t flash it around like an accessory because they aren’t ur typical blog visiting folk. Plus it’s not an accessory.

  3. The question now is: What region will reach 1 Million next?

    I bet on France.

  4. Iraq.

  5. what about México?

    <_< >_>

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