Ending Soon: Infendo Wii U Giveaway: Sponsored By NintendosForSale.Com


 Don’t Forget, your chance to enter ends at noon EST today!

Are you ready for another exciting Infendo Giveaway!?



To help us celebrate the launch of the Nintendo Wii U, our friends over at NintendosForSale.com have decided to team up with Infendo and give one of our awesome readers a brand new Wii U Basic Console!  This is an amazing give-a-way, and just in time for the holidays!

How can you enter to win?  Click continue to find out…

To enter, simply comment below.  You can tell us anything, such as why you want to win, who is your favorite Nintendo character, a link to a youtube video showing us why you deserve to win (keep it clean guys), or just comment anything at all!  It is that easy, if you comment, you are entered!  And while you are at it, be sure to check out NintenosForSale.com’s selection of video games, consoles, and accessories!

The Winner will be chosen on Friday December 14th, 2012 at Noon EST.  The Winner will be posted later that same day!

Feel free to like NintendosForSale.com on Facebook and Twitter, and thank them for sponsoring this amazing give-a-way!

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  1. HI guys, love Nnintendo, and Infendo for this great giveaway, and all the Nintendo news!

  2. Mario is my favorite Nintendo character. I’ve played every Super Mario game since the NES.

  3. A Wii U for Christmas is my dream, I’am 27 and still need to feel the Nintendo Magic. Thank you Infendo and NintendosForSale.com

  4. yeah yeah yeah something something

  5. I’ve been off the Nintendo bandwagon for quite some time and would really love to get back into the Nintendo feel again. I miss it, but just can’t afford it. Nintendo Generation for life!

  6. Always loved Nintendo! My Wii is still going strong and I’d love to have the new Wii U.

  7. I just have to say, I want it, I want it, I want it 😛

  8. Just in time for Christmas! Hopefully the contest is open for Canadians fans as well! 🙂

  9. My kids love wii and would love to upgade to wiiU. Long live Nintendo. Go mario!

  10. Been a while since I commented but I gotta enter for a chance to win.

    I’ve been walking down memory lane recently, thinking about how amazing Super Smash Bros.: Melee was. I really want another Smash game and maybe if I get a Wii U, it’ll speed up the development of the next game. Or something.

  11. This would be lovely!

  12. I would love to win just to give it as a Christmas present to someone very deserving from our motorcycle group. We planned on buying on anyway but if we had another to give on our behalf and nintendoforsale it would be great…

    Thank you

  13. The Wii U is pretty cool and the Game Pad is just awesome. I tried it out and it fits really well in your hands.

  14. The reason why I would want to win this console is because I would like to try less childish games like Assassins Creed III on a Nintendo console. I believe that its great for game-makers to release the game on multiple consoles because it gives more people a chance to play.

  15. I bought the NES Deluxe set right after my birthday (when I’d finally saved up enough money) in January of 1986. I was the first one of all my friends to actually get a Nintendo – which was pretty amazing at the time.

    None of that is particularly remarkable. What IS remarkable is that I still have that original NES console, gun, and R.O.B. … and they all still work. In fact, every game I own starts first time with no blinky gray screen of death. I took good care of my stuff.

    I’ve been a Nintendo fan since then and just keep adding more Big N stuff to my collection. Thanks Infendo and NintendosForSale.com for the chance to add a WiiU to my obsession!

  16. Well, my Wii disc drive is being nutty. Might as well try and win a replacement.

  17. I love Nintendo, I WANT TO WIN THIS WII U!! I love the new Legend of Zelda games as much as the classics and really loved super mario galaxy

  18. I’ve been a Nintendo fan since NES era. I only skipped the Gamecube era due to Financial reasons -_-
    I’m from Mexico and things are so hard to afford, specially Electronics. I hope I win 🙂

  19. Great! Ita been a fun day so far thanks to the Wii Mini announcement, the free NSMB 2 DLC, and no a chance to winn a Wii U!

  20. this would be a perfect gift.

  21. I am ready to play Nintendo games in HD.

  22. It’d be really great to get this for someone I care about. Just want to put a smile on someones face that deserves it.

  23. NintendosForSale.com is AWESOME! I stopped in at their local place here in Bowling Green to pick up a copy of Kirby’s Dream Course from those guys, and while they were in the back getting it, I went and looked at their Super Scope 6. When they brought my game out and I paid for it, they *gave* me the Super Scope 6 for free! I <3 them.

  24. I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the N64 (I even turned down a brand new PS2 in favor of a used N64, which I still have to this day). My favorite Nintendo characters are the protagonist from Pokemon Gold and Link. My all time favorite game is the original Pokemon Gold. I would like to win first of all because who wouldn’t want a free Wii U, and secondly because I believe that the Wii U is Nintendo’s ticket back to the top of the gaming world and the only way I can take part in it is if I win it.

  25. wow incredible give away guys! merry christmas!

  26. I think Wii U is a pretty cool guy, eh plays HD and doesn’t afraid of anything.

    But for real. This is a great contest, one that I’d love to win. My best friend tried my Wii U and thought it was amazing, but seeing as how we’re both college kids from low-income families, there’s no way he could get one. I’d just honestly like to win this so I can give someone else the joy of Nintendo’s newest innovation.

    Question, does this just come with the console? No game?

  27. Nintendos for sale is an awesome business! Its local and they are fabulous and quick! I saw this and decided to enter. Happy Christmas everyone! Local Business needs support and Nintendos for sale is about as local as it gets for in store purchases anyways!

  28. I’ve been a long time Nintendo fan, playing since I was 4, and I’ve played almost every Mario game to date. I had to choose between a Wii U and a Nintendo 3ds this year and you’d make this 24 year old very happy to have both in her home.

  29. With everyone already sharing there love of Nintendo and Infendo (I agree completely), I would like to take this time to post some humorous “might not be true” comments that I hope every Infindo fan will enjoy.

    Elephants are genetically identical to fat kangaroos.
    In the morning sky, the sun burns twice as bright as its father.
    In one glass of Coke, there is enough sugar in it to make it delicious.
    Juice is the technical name for fruit blood.
    Dark matter is identical to regular matter that has gone Goth.
    If laughter is the best medicine, Homeopathy is just watered down jokes.
    White rats are the most common species of guinea pig.
    Super Glue once fought crime, but stopped because it could not fix shattered dreams.
    Parrots are as smart as a 4 year old; therefor children can fly and need to be locked in cages.
    Vegetarian is an old Native American word meaning “bad with arrow”.
    Rocks get you stoned faster than pot.
    Fire and ice make warm ice.
    When cheese is grilled, it will confess to anything.
    According to the Mayan calendar, in the year 2012 all of the Mayans will still be dead.

    Thank you all and good luck.

  30. That’s so rad you guys are having this contest. I’d love to win a Wii U. I’m what you call a poor gamer, the only systems I’ve had for the past few years are an NES and SNES and a PS2. I could never afford any of the new consoles, that’s why I always roll with the old school classics. I’d love to finally have a new console for once. =) Thanks for giving the opportunity, much appreciated!

  31. This is obviously why I should win! >:U


  32. All I gotta do is comment? Sounds simple enough. Here goes nothing.

  33. I forgot how much fun the Wii was till I brought it out for thanksgiving. Age 6 to 63 and we played it for hours and hours. I’d love to have the WiiU for my new adopted family 6 7 9 and 13 year olds. Shoot I still remember my first Nintendo and SNES

  34. *insert comment ere*

    haha just kidding. But really a Wii U would be awesome to have. There are tons are games that are coming on the Wii U that I wanna try.

  35. Make Batman happy by giving that Wii U to me 🙂


  36. I want to win because I have been gaming with Nintendo since the NES. Mario is the best game and nothing will ever change that.

  37. I am commenting!

  38. I haven’t really been enticed by the WiiU yet, but maybe playing the thing will change my mind?

  39. Am here to comment.

  40. . My favorite character is Link. I have been a Nintendo fan for years since the NES back in 1989. My favorite character is Link. I live the Zelda series. I know Nintedo will make a new Zelda for Wii U. Can’t wait for that 🙂 I love Nintendo and all its games.

  41. I have been a Nintendo Fanboy since the 80;s. Even when my friends were all talking about teh X-Box – I was reiterating the joys found in Mario, Zelda and Metroid (which they’d NEVER find on the xbox).

  42. I’ve been a fan of Nintendo since the original NES. I would like to get a Wii U so that my son and I can bond over some New Super Mario Bros. U!

  43. Loved Nintendo’s Wii gaming system, WiiU, with everything that it has to offer, would be a much added addition.

  44. Awesome! If I won I would buy more things from NintendosForSale.com 😉

  45. Great contest guys. I wish I had something full of wit to say at the moment, but I’m all out. Good luck to all who enter!

  46. I have actually gotten most of my information about the Wii U from Infendo. I don’t frequent Nintendo.com very often, and I find other sites cluttered and unfocused. Thank you for being awesome, Infendo!

  47. I love the site! Favorite character is Link! Thank you guys for the great nintendo updates and supporting great giveaways like these!

  48. I don’t always post on websites, but when I do, it’s for Nintendo Wii U giveaways.

  49. favorite character has to be Samus. she’s a flipping bounty hunter, she destroyed one of the most powerful thing ever, and even had to fight herself.. well kinda anyway. and she has one of the coolest looking amour out there. point being she’s badass.

  50. I used to write for Infendo. And do the podcast. Does that disqualify me?

  51. I would love to win. I’d give it to my little brother and sister back home.

    Favorite character is Link. I wish adventures like that were real, but I’m glad nobody is in real danger because of my wishes.. so all is good. 🙂

  52. Just need 1!

  53. Love Nintendo got a 3DS, Nintendo SP, N64, and a Wii. My favorite games for my Nintendo systems are KH3D’s, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Mario Bros Wii, Sonic Colors, Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, Pokemon Snap, All Pokemon Generation Games Red through Black & White 2. I hope to win me a Wii U since officially the Wii itself is my mom’s. We do share it, but I’d rather have my own Wii system, preferably the Wii U because Mario U, ZombiU, and Bayonetta 2 (2013), and with the backwords compatibility I’d still be able to play my Wii games, not to mention the Wii Pad gives a whole new experience in gameplay for me. Let’s see and my favorite character from Nintendo is Luigi and Yoshi, because I’m more into characters sporting my fav color and Luigi is just cooler to me and Yoshi is an awesome dinosaur that can pop out a 1up on occasions. Also another fav. character of mine that has been in many Nintendo games recently is Sonic he’s not Nintendo’s mascot, but the way he’s been sporting it up in Nintendo lately he might as well be considered one in the family with Nintendo not too mention the music from Sonic Colors was epic. Also I want to give a big shout-out to the Nintendo characters that made a cameo in Wreck-It Ralph, god I love that movie and loved all the cameos. Well anyway Nintendo you rule. Also the video I posted is my major reasoning for wanting a Wii U I wanted it for all the games I put down but that main game I want to play is this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIot0Otq7MA ^_^

  54. I would like a Wii U. Gotta prep myself for some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in March!

  55. I’d like to win the Wii U because I can’t afford it right now or in the near future but I want the greatest thing to happen to gaming (so far)!!!

  56. NO WAY!! The date you say who wins is my birthday!! That’s Awesome!! 😀 I’d love to have a Wii U. I’m sure it’ll be awesome just like the other Nintendo products.

  57. I really want one! Favorite character? hmm tie between link and samus!

  58. :O I check Infendo everyday and when I saw this i could not believe it! This is so exciting for me because I actually have a chance of winning the branw new Nintendo Wii U. I would love to have it because all the new games are coming out for it, and I cant wait for the new super smash bros and the new Zelda! 😀 My favorite Nintendo character is probably Toon Link. I love his art design and how he acts in general. Well i really hope I win because I cant really afford one, so this would be an amazing blessing for me, Thanks Infendo for everything and your awesome daily news! 🙂

  59. I’d like to win because it’ll take me forever to save up enough money to get even a simple Wii, cause my parents don’t really like getting me video games. If getting a Wii is difficult for me, imagine the Wii U; it would take me more than it should to get it than other people. ._.
    My favorite Nintendo characters would be…Link, Yoshi, Pit, and Magikarp. Yes, Magikarp. xD
    Ba-Derp. :I

  60. It’s really generous of you guys to do this, the Wii U looks amazing!

  61. Anything at all!

    you said to comment that right?

    but i do want one and im rather pennyless right now

  62. I would love to win one because I’ve had my eye on this since E3, but really never had the money to get it. This would be a very nice console to have since you play on the gamepad while watching TV! It’s the most innovative feature I’ve seen on consoles in a long time and the games are top-notch. Mario Bros. Scribblenauts, Zombi U, Darksiders 2, NintendoLand and so much more. Ah, I’ll be in a blissful game heaven if I had this and you and Nintendosforsale have made this possible. Thanks for the chance!

  63. I would like a Wii U to get a Wii U. Haven’t had a new system in awhile, so it would be nice~

  64. My ultimate Nintendo character is Link from the legend of zelda series (duuuh). Even though I play call of duty, battlefield 3, dishonored and GTA I always love to play Nintendo games!!!


  66. I have no money but need a WiiU so give it to me please 🙂

  67. I would love to win this since my latest game is a super nintendo

  68. Great contest. And easy too!

    Thanks, Infendo/NintendosForSale!

    The Wii U’s sitting juuuust outside my price range right now, but I got the chance to play at a friend’s. Nintendo Land is surprisingly engaging!

    I can tell already its going to produce some gimmicky games and a steep learning curve. But there’ll be some opportunities for great games too (Zelda, RPGs, football/futbol, to name a few).

  69. I’d love to win a wii u its looks so awesome

  70. I’d love to win a wii u for my wife

  71. Luigi is a great character. I think he should be more developed upon.
    I prefer Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars over the Paper Mario Series.
    The bow and arrow – bomb combination from Link’s Awakening was brilliant!
    Chrono Trigger should be made into a movie.
    The Donkey Kong Country series needs a true next-gen sequel, involving K. Rool.
    Muk is my favorite Pokemon.
    Mario’s Time Machine was a terrible game. It needs an epic remake.
    Nintendo should’ve bought the rites too Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.
    3-D didn’t do Mega Man justice.
    If Pokemon were real, I’d drop out and become a Pokemon master.
    Characters from the Nintendo Universe would be great additions to Heroclix.
    Geno and Mallow need to be rescued from the Square-Enix void!
    Pokemon has great potential to becoming an excellent MMORPG.
    I used to have all of the Pokemon memorized, in order. But not anymore.
    I had a Super Nintendo up until Xbox 360 came out, at which point I got a Wii.
    I got to wave 71 on Joust.
    I’m related to both a Mario and a Luigi.

  72. I want a Wii U i just cant afford one

  73. I would love to have a wii u for my son who is 5 for christmas but i cant afford one

  74. I want a Wii U because I have moved from my home state. I am now a long way away and my Wii isn’t with me. A wii u would make a great replacement console..and help me feel like this new place is truly home!

  75. Christmas is right around the corner, that would be wonderful to have a wii u and enjoy the Christmas holiday , my fingers are crossed 🙂 I want to win this so much !!!

  76. I do want to have one, but I just started studying and it´s kinda hard to buy any games or consoles with that low money.

    I hope to win it, just cause it´s one of the only chances to get one for me.

  77. My body is ready… to win! Thanks to Infendo/NintendosForSale for the giveaway!

  78. Wow…it would be awesome to win a WiiU. I can see so much potential for this console in the future. The gaming possibilities are endless.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Infendo & NintendosForSale!

  79. The Wii U would make a great Christmas gift!

  80. Monster Hunter tri ultimate. Need I say more. Thanks Awesome give away. U will make someones christmas extra special.

  81. Nintendo is the epitome of my childhood! I wish the magazine still existed, but at least Nintendo and all my childhood games can be played on the Wii and WiiU! Hope I win 🙂

  82. I would like to win this for my daughter. I have been a nintendo fan for for about 23 years now. I recently got my daughter a DS with some kiddie games and she loves it. I would really liek for her to have this so she could have the pleasure of “growing up” with the nintendo experience.

  83. Comment. I left one, do I win?

  84. My favorite character is a tie between Link and Phoenix Wright. LoZ was the first game I ever beat, even before my brothers, and I have played every game since (minus MM because I didn’t have an expansion pack…) Phoenix Wright got me through my divorce. (A murder-mystery is a nice distraction from reality.) I still have my original GameBoy, and it still works!! Something I can’t say about my 360… Do it for my kids. Otherwise they’ll be forced to watch 24 hours of A Christmas Story on Christmas day. And then Doctor Who. What will they do if they don’t like his new companion? 😉

  85. Hm… A Wii U giveaway? Color me intrigued. Maybe everything will be coming up Milhouse for me and I’ll win. 😛

  86. who wouldnt want a wii u lol abouut my favorite character i would say i like marios games the best but i never play as him in SSB or mario kart so favorite character would probably be samus aran

  87. I would love to win. I really can’t afford a WiiU anytime soon and winning would definitely solve that problem =p

  88. I wish to enter by saying that the Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES will forever be my favorite games of all time!

  89. I would love to win one for my girlfriend and I, I’m a college student so it’s hard being a gamer with rent to pay so it would be great to win a Wii U see what all the fuss is about!

  90. Thank you for your kind offer to enter me into this contest. I see that I have quite a bit of company.
    I can not really choose a favorite Nintendo Character, because of the complex characters to choose from in Link’s Awakening… Seriously, I think almost anyone from that game could be considered my favorite character.
    I don’t mind if I don’t win. I just figure that it would be cool to test that new puppy out. Congrats ahead of time to the winner.

  91. I have the deluxe but could put this basic to good use.

    btw, my favourite character is Ike from Fire Emblem.

  92. Zombies man, they creep me out.

  93. Would love to have a WiiU to try out ZombiU and be prepared for all the games Nintendo has got in the works!
    Thanks for the great giveaway guys!

  94. The Wii U would help my wife more than anything! we have 2 boys who manage to kill my wife in Mario bros wii and it frustrates her to no end. The new gamepad helper would allow her to play the game while not exploding in anger at being stomped down a cliff…. again!

    Also, Infendo is a great website! keep it up

  95. My son really wants a Wii U and wii cannot afford it. Thanks for all you do at Infendo! 🙂

  96. I wanted to pick one up but I can’t due to finances. I would much appreciate it if you continue to feed my Nintendo addiction.

  97. I love Yoshi cause he eats a lot.

  98. Wow, what an awesome giveaway! great work, infendo!

  99. I love both Nintendo and infendo. must admit this is a pretty legit prize though for real so hey here is my entry via comment!

  100. Shiggy Diggy do.
    Scotty, I luff nin10doh!
    Been a fan since i played DK country and mario 3 way back in forever ago.
    Yesh it’s bayleaf from both FB groups, fyi.

  101. Well, first off..my favorite nintendo character is yoshi..but someone i think already said yoshi, so anything with Boo i would say is killer for me..shy but killer like me 😉 and honestly, i cant argue to say that i really need it but i do want it. I got out of gaming but if it happens ill get back in with the Wii U if not, well i got books to study i guess….

  102. I have always been fond of Nintendo, since the early days of my life when I received the NES Action Set till now, I have owned every system, and loved it. I even have my Virtual Boy on display high atop a bookshelf in my home.

    I would love to win the WiiU as well, as I cannot currently go out and get one due to being an adult now with adult responsibilities, however, I do wish to place the WiiU in my collection of Nintendo consoles.

  103. So my favorite character is Toad, my son’s is Yoshi or Mario. I would like to win this for my son because that would make me the coolest mom ever!

  104. This is my comment, so I am entered!


    Favorite character? Link, because I love playing every Nintendo game that he’s been in.

    Here is a rare musical piece which is a synthesized remake of themes from The Legend of Zelda, which was originally produced by “Fun House” back in the 80’s.

  105. I didn’t win the Powerball jackpot so here’s to hoping for the next best thing.

  106. As long as I can remember I grew up with Mario and now, I can’t afford a Wii to play with Mario again…this would be such an awesome holiday wish to win :))

  107. I have been a Nintendo player since I was five when I got my first NES. While my brothers have moved on to enjoy Xbox and PS3, I have stuck with Nintendo. My daughter and I have a blast on the Wii, and we both love the 3DS. Like so many others, I am a big fan of Mario, but Zelda is what keeps me coming back to the company. I hope to get a Wii U this Christmas, but winning one instead would be pretty excellent!

    PS. I stumbled across Infendo some years ago and have checked it daily since. 🙂

  108. I do not yet have a Wii U and would very much like the chance to get one! Great contest, and thanks! Oh, and my favourite Nintendo character is PIKACHU! 😀

  109. My favorite Nintendo Character is Link from LOZ, I love all of the LOZ games!

  110. I’m finding the Wii U more and more interesting with every new unboxing and setup video.

  111. I would not mind having a wii u

  112. I have never had a nintendo console as sad as that is. The only games I have are on my 3ds. My favorite nintendo character is link. I have to stick with the classics. It might also be samus aran. Not sure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IJNR2EpS0jw. And I can’t wait for a new zelda game for the wii u. And finally my reason for wanting to get one is so I can show all my non-believers (in nintendo) how awesome it is.

  113. My favorite character is Donkey Kong and even if I don’t win, I have complete faith that Nintendo will have great success with the Wii U. I hope that Nintendo gamers enjoy this brand new generation of Nintendo gaming thanks to the Wii U. I cannot wait to see the new games that are coming from Nintendo. The new Zelda and the next mainline Super Mario entry. Nintendo Power magazine went down, but I hope that Nintendo fansites can continue to provide us with Nintendo news for many years to come! Congratulations to the winner (whoever he or she is).

  114. I can’t afford a Wii U, because I’m saving up in order to go to University, which I deem as very important. However, the chance to have a Wii U would be amazing, and I would love one to fill in the boring hours after work!

    It’s pretty impossible to pick a favourite Nintendo character, but I’ll give it a go. Really, one can’t go by without liking characters such as Mario, Link and Pikachu. But I’ll choose Link, because we’ve seen plenty of adventures with him, and that damn Princess Zelda seems to elude him every time! One can’t help but feel a little empathy for the poor guy. And yet, his adventures are always awesome!

    I would assuredly love to play some more Pokemon, Mario, and Legend of Zelda games on the Wii U!

  115. I am a student assistant at college in Georgia. I grew up with Nintendo and remeber how big the boxes were for the NES and Super NES. Great times! As I got older I worked for EB Games before Gamestop took over. I loved our Nintendo Representative who come by our store and show us all the new stuff.

    I work in the Student Center and I am the main one who runs the game room. I’m always have to struggle with budget to let us get new games in the game room even though student fees are paying for it. I want to be able to give something for my fellow students. Thank you for holding this contest means a lot to everyone.

  116. I hope to get a Wii U, just to see if it will become my favorite thing since the DS. That little handheld managed to muscle its way to being perhaps my favorite game system ever. The innovation of a dual-screened, touch-centric gameplay model swept me away with it ingenuity, and the “tag team” style screen match-up is what I hope to see the Wii U emulate. I also hope it will avoid the pitfalls of the recent 3DS, with its new feature held in the top screen, which I feel draws the attention away from the most important screen, the touch screen (i.e. the one you interact with). If the fresh new game experiences, like Professor Layton or Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, that grew out of the DS persists on the Wii U, I think we just might see it become the most celebrate home console of the new generation.

  117. You know what? I have horrible luck, and I’ve never won anything…but what the hey! Here’s hoping! Thanks for the contest!

  118. Comment.
    Oh don’t judge me.

  119. I already won!!!
    … Luigi btw.

  120. My favorite Nintendo franchise is Metroid but I’ve realized that my favorite character is Boo.

  121. A chance to win a free WiiU! I’m in.

  122. I’m unemployed and can’t afford a Wii U, but I’m a big Nintendo fan and would like to have a Wii U! <3

  123. PS. I was in a translation group and translated Zelda 1 and 2 into my native language.

  124. I love Nintendo games and hope I win.

  125. I too love Nintendo in general and hope I win. Thanks for sponsoring giveaways such as this. Luigi is my favorite character.

  126. My favorite Nintendo game of all time is Final Fantasy. I’m a die-hard FF fan, up until it went to PS2… lol. I want to win so I can play Chocobo games and other FF spinoffs!!! PLEASE!?!?!

  127. Love the site, keep it active as I’ve been here since the beginning. WiiU FTW!

  128. Great promotion!

    I doubt I’ll win, but it’s nice to be entered!

    Let’s see, what can I say. Some of my favorite old-school games from the early years of Nintendo would include:

    Final Fantasy 1,2,3
    Ogre Battle
    Final Fight
    Chrono Trigger

    I spent quite a few hours with all of these games (as well as many others), and don’t regret it for a minute.

  129. Wii U is good for your health.

  130. I have owned every Nintendo system made and I would like world peace.

  131. Great promotion! I would already have a Wii U by now, but alas, moving away from home and the inexpensive community college to a University has taken its toll on my funds. Here’s hoping!

    Oh, and my favorite Nintendo series is The Legend of Zelda, though I’ll play anything from Pokemon to Metroid.

  132. Well, here goes nothing.

    I suppose my favorite Nintendo character would have to be Link. I know it’s cliché but he’s just a cool guy. Slaying monsters like it ain’t no thing.

  133. my favorite character its toon link

    ive been at infedo since wii came out i want a wii u to celebrate

  134. Favorite Character…Mario, hands down. I’m an 80’s kid born in 76′ so I was actually big enough to understand and play video games as they really experienced their “big bang”. What that means is that no matter how many games/characters/innovations have wowed me over the decades, Mario is STILL the one constant. To this day, I will STILL stack Mario titles up against ANY other game regardless of platform or genre.

  135. I’ve never won a single competition in my life. So I won’t have high hopes :(, but it doesn’t hurt to try 🙂

    The first Nintendo-related piece of gaming I’ve ever played with was the Gameboy. In fact, that was the FIRST ever handheld I ever played when I was a kid; this got me into gaming in the first place. So I always felt some connection with Nintendo to this day. However, during the time of the Gamecube, I decided to get a PS2 to be my first console. The PS2 was great and all, but I felt I was missing out on something. Years later I got a PS3. With the Wii U out I feel that this is the perfect time I get back on that “Nintendo” track.

    I hope I win this time. But even if I lose, I hope the person who gets that Wii U will cherish it and enjoy the console regardless of its ups and downs. =)

  136. In my humble opinion Nintendo is gaming and will always be gaming. I can’t even count the amount of good times ive had with a nintendo console, One in particular was defeating King Bob-omb for the first time and getting my first power star in super mario 64 and hearing mario shout “here we go!!!!!”. I think I imitated him and that pose he does for months driving my parents crazy. I remember being only 5 and begging my mom to give me 15 more mins to play. I recall having dreams of that game and waking up itching for the chance to play again. Oh the tears I have shed from laughing so incredibly hard while playing Super mario bros 3 with my cousins for hours on end as we tried to see who could stay alive the longest in the 2 player battle mode, dodging fireballs, jumping on each others heads trying to push each other into the angry sidesteppers. And don’t even get me started on Mario kart, I still remember how much fun the wario stadium level was and how incredibly funny(and incredibly tragic) Lightning was on that level. We used to always get up on our feet on the last lap as we neared that final jump hoping that we made it across without getting zapped by whomever was in last place. I own a snes a n64, a gameboy color, a gamecube , Ds and a wii. and I love and cherish all the fun times they have given me. Now im in college and times are tight so as much as I want to add a wii u to my collection know I can’t. Ive never won a contest like this ever but winning a wii U would be a great first.

  137. My favorite character is the lovely Samus Aran and my biggest wish is to see Nintendo allow Retro Studios to make a 3D version of the classic Super Metroid. (in Metroid Prime style)

  138. I want to win the WiiU because now that I’m married I’ve got different priorities when it comes to money, but I still love me some Nintendo!
    Fingers-crossed that we get more couch co-op FPS games with WiiU!

    Thanks NintendosForSale.com!

  139. I’m a poor, starving grad school student. Like, on a Ramen-6-night-a-week budget. I would love to win a WiiU, which goes without saying. Thanks for the contest!

  140. 😀 my favorite Nintendo game is Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. Imagine my surprise that summer’s day, popping in the disc and literally having a whole world open before me. There were friends to make, forests to explore fossils to discover, secrets to unveil.

    The game I want most is the game I’ll never get. The game I want is one that captures that quaint, happy moment whenever I would hear that animalish voice say “Nintendo.”

  141. Luigi is my favorite nintendo character!!!!! I hope to play some luigi’s ghost mansion on nintendoland 😀

  142. Why do I deserve to win? Well, I probably don’t, but I hope I do. <33

  143. Wow, this is a pretty cool contest! I really enjoy listening to the Infendo podcast when I’m on the go. This is a great site to visit for any fan of Nintendo gaming. Keep up the great work guys!

  144. I love Infendo! Keep fighting the good fight!

  145. I am huge fan of Nintendo. For the past several years, I have been one of those in line for every one of the new consoles that Nintendo has put out (both portable and home console)on opening day. In fact, I even have a picture of me and my cousins holding a gameboy when I was 4 years old on opening day with my cousins. At that age, I obviously could just fiddle around with the controls, but I thoroughly enjoyed my Gameboy. This experience morphed into something greater as I found myself carrying the tradition on this many years later. Regardless of where I live, I stand in line awaiting that new console! I even do this for all Zelda and Mario launches, even when standing in line is pointless because I am the only one there. 🙂

    I remember watching E3 this year with such great anticipation and vigor to get my hands on this incredible system. I was ready to preorder as I had done in many times in the past! It is amazing how things have changed. With the economic downturn, a Nintendo console was released and I was unable to stand in line for the very first time, as devastating as that was. I simply cannot afford one right now. Luckily, I did have the opportunity to play one recently and I was completely blown away. Winning this contest would mean the world to me!

  146. i love Nintendo. they are true game makers and understand that. I love the MarioKart franchise the most as well as Zelda. I can’t wait to see what these games will look like on the Wii U.

  147. I’m a big fan of Nintendo. Would love to have one to experience the awesomeness.

  148. The Wii U is just such cool beans; I won’t lie. The whole tablet/console combination is really cool and appeals to a wide variety of people, not just casual users (the large majority of the Wii’s market). I think NintendoLand (probably one of the coolest launch titles ever from the videos I’ve seen of it) really displays this well. You can play shooters, party games, platformers, and all sorts of other games on it with a unique control scheme.

    I’ve always loved Nintendo and have gotten each of their consoles so far besides the SNES (skipped straight from the NES to the N64). I would really like to be a part of their newest generation as quickly as I can, and the holiday season is a little tough on that. Buying so many things for others leaves only a small wallet to spend on yourself. >.<

    Therefore, I would absolutely be thrilled if I won!

    Thank you (and Nintendosforsale.com) very much for doing this! 😉

  149. Winning!!

  150. Favorite character is and always will be Samus just because she can beat anyone and anything!!! I’m too poor to buy a Wii U so… I HAVE TO WIN ONE!!!

  151. I would like to win because I don’t have enough money for one and if I did I still can’t find them.

  152. My friend got one and it would be awesome if I had one too.

  153. I just recently moved, and during the move my original Wii was broken. With Christmas right around the corner, here is hoping that Santa(Infendo) can hook me up with a replacement that is even better than he first!

  154. i want a wii u because im too poor to do anything.

  155. I really want a wii u.

  156. I have grown up on Nintendo. My first Gameboy was given to me when I was very young and didn’t put the thing down for weeks on end. From Mario to Metroid, and even dabbling in Fire Emblem here and there. I was a fanatic for Nintendo from the day I received it and I still am today. It led to me getting a Gamecube about a year later and getting to experience Ocarina of Time and Mario Party and more Metroid. Every stage of my life Nintendo has been there with me growing up and has shaped my future. The friends I have made cannot be replaced and I wouldn’t have some of my best friends in the world without nintendo and link that it gave me to them. The relationships and the bonding I have made with my brothers and friends cannot be replaced and it is all thanks to Nintendo. I would love to receive a WiiU to pass these memories on to my 7 year old brother who is already addicted to the exact same games I was at his age and enjoy even more with my brothers and my friends.

  157. It would be nice to have a newer gaming console.

  158. I’d love to win because I simply can’t afford a system right now. I can afford a game but not the system. I have been a lifelong Nintendo fan and would love to play the new Mario!

  159. I would like to win a Infendo Wii U for my husband who is a huge Nintendo fan. Our basement has all sorts of Nintendo figures all over. It would be great to give it to him for Christmas. My husband and I took in our niece and her new baby so they would have a place to live and there is no extra money to buy him the system.

  160. Only 158 comments after a week? I was expecting more. All the better odds for me to win. 🙂

  161. I want to win it simply because I can’t afford to buy it, times are hard in my household and it would be the only gift this year so there is my reason and obviously because I have always been a Nintendo fan I refuse to buy any other video games I think Nintendo is very family oriented and well my family loves Mario bros games and I’m a big pokemon fan

  162. I want to win because this is the most asked for things for my kids

  163. I really wanna win because i could play with my husband and it would be awesome. we both have been playing nintendo since we were 7 and i’m 30 now. Still loving it! If that’s not love i guess i’ll never know 😉

  164. I would just like the opportunity to win. i think that pretty white box would fit right into my household and I appreciate the opportunity to win it. Thanks guys.

  165. I have to win!!! you guys don’t understand, Samus says she would go on a date with me if I was rocking this system… but to to be honest I have owned every console system that Nintendo has every released, but this time hitting a ruff patch and cant work and putting family&friends before myself (getting them gifts and leaving myself nothing for the Christmas season) I’m thinking this would be a nice gift for me :^P

  166. i wanna one too 🙂

  167. Man, owning a Wii U on my college budget would be awesome.

  168. Hah, this post sure brought a lot of sudden comment-life to Infendo, eh?

    Getting on of these before Christmas would be amazing, and would be the perfect Christmas gift for my whole family. They’ll never expect it.

  169. I would like to own one because it would be cool to have and I enjoy a lot of Nintendo consoles

  170. Its a meee… Mario!

  171. The Wii is my favorite console (we own a 360&ps3 also) and I cannot wait to experience the new technology that the wiiU has to offer. I love all the Mario games–new and classic. I still have and play my SNES, I love it!! Especially around the holidays, I use to spend my days home from school playing the Nintendo.

  172. Whenever I play Mario Party with my kids, I’m always Peach 🙂 also, I would love to have the Wii U!

  173. Fascinated with technology and as an avid Nintendo fanatic need to get my hands on one of these!!!

  174. I want one cause I am hoping they bring out a new zelda. With the new format of the controller it would be awesome

  175. I would love to win a Wii U because it revives my favorite aspect of gaming… Local Multiplayer. I’ve played a lot of the heavy hitter games this past generation from Halo 3 to Super Mario Galaxy to Uncharted. However, one thing I seem to notice, is that local multiplayer is slowly being phased out. Developers no longer put local multiplayer into games and just put online modes… I always have had the most fun playing with friends side by side on the same couch then playing online. Just being able to see each other’s reactions when playing Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Dokapon Kingdom, and Minecraft (360 Version) gives the whole experiences something special and will also leave you with memories. Being able to play Wii Sports and Jungle Speed on the Wii before my grandfather died last year brought me a lot of good memories I still cherish today. 😀 The Wii-U seems to want to bring that experience back to the spotlight with games like New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendoland, and Sonic Racing. Being able to play with five players now brings a whole new dimension to gaming and I would love to have that experience again!

    Good luck to everyone who entered!


  176. I would like to win because the Wii U looks really cool and the concept for the screen is rather intriguing. I just dont have that kind of money to shell out.

  177. I would like to win because I want to play all of my favorite Wii games in HD, and because I don’t have 300 bucks sitting around.

  178. Love the site, would love the win!

  179. I would love this for the future Zelda titles and for to enjoy that wondrous new tablet controller.

  180. I want one.

  181. Nice giveaway! Enter me please! 🙂

  182. I’ve been a Nintendo fan since my dad bought me the NES when it first came out. Have bought every system ever since. This year I’m not able because of I have been unemployed and trying to start a business so it’s been hard to even make ends meet. If I happen to win this it will be on of the few gifts that my girls will get. Thanks for listening.

  183. my first memory of being captivated by Nintendo, let alone one of my first Nintendo, memories was playing DataEast’s “Robocop”… In fact, I still have that exact cartridge and I occasionally still play it! 😀

  184. I have been a loyal fan of Nintendo since the 1980’s and have bought every Nintendo brand system since when I have the money or could find one. If I win this Im sure my daughters would love it since they also play the classic systems as well as the Wii.

  185. I can’t wait to start playing Nintendo Land. It looks so fun!

  186. I’m soooooo excited for the wii U, I’ve been a faithful wii fan since it came out, and I love to have the Wii U

  187. I have innocently referred to ALL game consoles as “Nintendo” my entire life. “Mom, Clint won’t share the TV, he’s been playing Nintendo for 3 hours!” Clint: “It’s a playstation, and you can kiss my butt!”

    Please, bring another Nintendo into my life so I won’t sound so ignorant.

  188. i would to have wii u giveaway let me have wii u 🙂

  189. If I don’t win I shall wait a couple years to get one hurray responsibility:(

  190. I’d like to win because as far as Nintendo goes, my most recent system is GameCube – I’d love to play Paper Mario: Sticker Star and the next installments of Zelda and Metroid.
    Thanks very much for the giveaway, fingers crossed for everyone 🙂

  191. I would like to win cause I would really love to play some mario games and other new stuff nintendo has in store 🙂

  192. I’d love to enter to win!
    I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy since A Link to the Past on the SNES (from the island of Kauai) and now I am 25 year old working dad with a 1 year old son and a wonderful wife. I’d love to share my passion of Nintendo (especially Zelda and Metroid) to my son through a Wii U console. Please support! Aloha

  193. Can’t hurt to try right?


  194. I would love to get one… i just cannot find one. lol. My all time favorite Nintendo character has to be DONKEY KONG!!! Absolutely love that monkey!!

  195. this is awesome. I’d love to win and play the new system!

  196. My fav character is link, specifically because of the fun games and how he is EPIC in smash bros. I can’t wait for the next smash bros on the wii u.

  197. I wanna win because the new Tekken game looks awesome and I miss having something Wii related ever since I had to sell my wii last yeah to pay past due bills

  198. Pick me, pick me 🙂

  199. Well,

    My birthday is coming up on the 17th! but I’m out of country, volunteering in the Czech Republic on my own and I won’t get to see my friends or family and I can’t buy video games here. So.. yeah I wouldn’t mind a Wii U! 🙂

  200. My husband is out of work and my kids are realy wanting a wii u! Hope I win. Merry Christmas everyone!

  201. I don’t wont to win.

  202. I want to win because I am currently struggling with money and the such, and want some relief, and potentially fun games.

  203. Oh please please please! haha

  204. i would want to win because i really want a wii u and i can not get one yet because of how much it is 🙁

  205. I have 4 kids who would love a Wii U since their Wii died last August!

  206. I’m training my 2 boys up in all things Nintendo. Raising the future generation to love and appreciate Tengen Tetris, Mike Tyson’s Punchout, Bases Loaded and so many more. We love Nintendo!

  207. I’ve always been a fan of Nintendo – The Legend of Zelda is my favorite. I’d love to win to be able to keep up with the franchise as it moves onto a new system!

  208. Because I f*ing loooove Nintendo and Infendo and I wannnt a Wiiiii UUUUUUUUU

  209. Hi there, my name is Alex. I’m a sad Alex because I was having a great time writing for The Gamer Studio, and now the website’s gone “kaput” due to hacking. It would make me a happy Alex if I won a Wii U, that’s for sure! I don’t know exactly what I’d do with it, but I know for a fact that I wouldn’t keep it. I have my own Deluxe Wii U (currently under repair, power went out during an update and it bricked), but I know a lot of people who would love nothing more than to have a Wii U for Christmas, who are rather strapped for cash!

    Love the site, keep up the great work! 😀

  210. I want to win because I said so.

  211. I want a wii u so badly!!!

  212. Wii U? No, Wii Me!

  213. Thanks for sponsoring this, NintendosForSale.com, if you’re reading these comments. Always nice to see a site awesome sites sponsoring giveaways. I’d like to win as I don’t currently have the funds to purchase a Wii U and have always been a fan of the Wii U. My first console was a Nintendo product and I still have it as they hold up well. 🙂

  214. I want to win because otherwise I’d be waiting for a pricedrop to hit the system before jumping in.

  215. I would love to win because I have a five year old son with Autism who is obsessed with Nintendo and wants every single system they make or have ever made…and at 5 actually knows them all!! The Wii U is obviously on his wishlist, but unfortunately, not in our budget, so I’d love to win it for him!!

  216. Me, my Husband and our 2 boys lovesto game together! Whether it be card games (Uno, Skip-bo, Phase 10, Slapjack) board games (Clue, monopoly jr., Risk) or even video games. The wii has been great for us all to play together, and the Wii U looks even more fun! Winning this would be a great X-mas surprise for the boys and my hubby… well, early X-mas surprise. 😉

  217. I would like to win this Wii U solely to save my own life. Every Christmas at exactly 1:00 AM, a large African American woman tries to break into my house to steal my dogs and push me down my stairs, and the only way to protect my dogs and myself is to beat her in the face with the latest Nintendo game system. Last year she made off with my wallet so I don’t have the money to buy one myself so this is my last hope! If not for me, think of the dogs…..

  218. the kids took my wii .i need a wii u .thanks

  219. i want to win a wii-u because i will not be able to afford one for at least two years and that is too long! i am already sad i can’t get it right now and my dad won’t help me with at least abit of money for my wii-u funds saving because he thinks videogames aren’t for girls>;/ aw i want it please please, i want the new blackops and in future, the new zelda hd 。゜(*`Д´)゜。 why is the wii-u so expensive over here anyway?! haha.. well.. good luck to all participants and blessings to infendo and nesforsale:) thanks! xo

  220. I want to win because I love Nintendo! NEED I SAY MORE? In all seriousness I would appreciate the console and would be forever grateful. Honestly as long as a true Nintendo fan wins it I know it will be appreciated regardless.

  221. I’d like to win because I’m not willing to buy one!

  222. my best friend got a wii u and won’t stop showing it off, if I win this one I can rub it in that mine was free and shut him up, it’s really getting annoying

  223. My <3 Mario!

  224. You should pick me… Or not. It’s cool….. But seriously, you should pick me. I’d do more to win this than what I would do for a Klondike Bar…

  225. Sounds like a Cliche but Mario is te greatest Nintendo character as well as the greatest character of all time. No other video game representative can be placed into just about any form of game and make it work. Platforming, sports, puzzle, brawler the list goes on. He’s a king among men and I hope he carries on well in to the future for my kids to enjoy just like I have done over the years.

  226. Favorite characters are Link from the Zelda series, and Luigi. Link, because he’s Link. And Luigi, because when I was little and would play Mario with my big brother, I would always be forced to be second player. Needles to say, me and Luigi became tight. And when 2 came out, I won again, because he could jump higher than any other.

  227. DO WANT WII U! LOVE WII U! I LIKE MARIO! Greatest character of all time is Mario obviously. Super Mario 64 is the bomb.

  228. Wii 4 Mii, pliiz!!! The U Metroid installment is my biggest anticipation!

  229. I love all of the Nintendo platforms and would love to add the Wii U to my collection.

  230. I’m always an early adopter of Nintendo platforms! I haven’t picked this one up quite yet, still need to get more money. Winning would be most excellent because I will still get to achieve my early adopter status and not have to pay for it 🙂

  231. i really want a wii-u for christmas ,and there is NO way i can get it anytime soon, not even next year. I want to win it!!!! thnx

  232. I’d like to win it for my son

  233. Eye n33d muh wii U!! Pluuuueeezz!

  234. I’d love a WiiU, as would my kiddos.

  235. I would like a Wii-U because I have only ever had a GBA, a 3ds and a Ds lite. I have been a follower of nintendo since birth and I would love to have one. If I do, my favorite character is Baby Metroid from Metroid II. Have Skrillexs only good song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSeNSzJ2-Jw

  236. You know who you should give it to… THIS GUY!

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