Does Nintendo Shun North America?

Over the years Nintendo has released many games in Japan that North America might never get the chance to play.  Two examples, out of many, are Pandora’s Tower and Project Zero. Both games are highly sought after in North America, yet Nintendo seems to ignore our pleas.  Sure, we are finally getting The Last Story, and that is fantastic news, but there is so much more we could have access to.

Nintendo has never officially stated why they release some of their greatest games in Japan and no where else.  One theory floating out there is that NOA feels they know the gaming community better than anyone else.  Because of this, they handpick the games we get, rather than listening to our please.  I am not sure that I believe this theory, especially since we are finally getting the Last Story.

There is currently a campaign happening called Operation Rainfall.  Basically, it is a group of gamers dedicated to bringing games into the spotlight.  With their efforts, they plan on convincing Nintendo to release the games we want and deserve.   Currently their focus is on Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower.  Obviously the first two have received North American release dates already.  So, does this mean that their efforts have paid off, or did NOA already plan on releasing the games in North America?

Regardless of whether Operation Rainfall’s efforts persuaded NOA to release the games, their representation of the gaming community is a good thing.  I hope that they continue to focus on other titles that North America deserves.

What is your theory on why Nintendo seems to ignore our please ion North America?  Do you think they do it on purpose?  It am wondering if it could be a money issue?  The cost of translating the dialogue and hiring new, English speaking, voice actors for the speaking parts could eat at their profits, especially if the game bombs in the US.  But it could also be a huge pay off.  Maybe they actually do listen to our pleas, and purposely wait to release it to increase our desire for the games?


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