Zelda: This Wait is Killing Me

When Zelda: Twilight Princess was delayed in August of 2005, I was “TO’d.” Though the DS has a ton of great games out right now, all I want to do is play Link in all his Zelda glory. In short, the wait is killing me. Anyone else?

And when will Nintendo pony up a release date?

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  1. The gamestop phonec all heard around the world. I got home and my answer machine almost made me cry, but i have to say It should be better and well worth the wait.

    BTW i sent this tip in but here is some new footage of wolf fighting system and arrow shooting off of Eponda. A lot we alread saw but i looks like what the trailer was cut from.


  2. I can’t wait as well, nintendo should release another trailer… get the hype going again.

    I recall hearing about an extended version of the trailer that ign got to see at E3 05. RELEASE THAT!

  3. It will be realeased May 23rd..
    A super premium edition will be available if preordered, and There will be a new trailer at E3 before the unveiling of Rev software. It will be playable, just quite diffrent than the E3 2005 demos.

  4. It was delayed on August of 2005 not 2004.

  5. Kee hee, small typo there.

    And I feel like a true fanboy. Why? I can wait.

  6. And speaking of great DS games, have we peaked? We hit such an amazing stride in the last quarter of last year, but there are only a few really exciting games on the horizon. And why hasn’t a DS Zelda even been announced? Are they waiting until after TP to capitalize on its popularity?

  7. You know what, scratch that. I just checked out a release date list and it’s much more exciting than I remembered.

  8. I was holding out for April based on Reggie’s comment, but I think we would have heard the release date by now. If I remember correctly, we found out about Ocarina’s release date 4 months or so before it came out.
    The bigger question to me is whether or not they are preparing a simultaneous release with Japan. That would be really nice … it would probably cut 3 months or so off the wait. Ocarina’s was simultaneous (kinda), and that game got delayed like crazy too, so here’s hoping …

  9. Princess Peach, Metroid Prime Hunters, Tetris DS, New Mario Brothers. All ds all have my attention and money when they hit.

  10. Frankly, I’m no hurry to get the new Zelda TP. I still have to finish WindWaker!

    How sad…

    Plus, with all the great DS games that I just got, I hardly have time to start a new Zelda! I, for one, can wait…

  11. I’ve never been a HUGE Zelda fan, but I do own and have beaten most of the games in the series.

    After playing the TP demo a few months back, I was fairly impressed. I think it’s shaping up to be one of the best in the series, so it’ll be added to my library for sure. But, most likely not on it’s release, but probably a month or so later.

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