Zelda gets a name, More Revolution at E3

Apparently, the new Legend of Zelda has gotten a full name. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is what many a bloggers are reporting. This makes sense given the last frame of the most recent Game Developer Conference trailer with the wolf hauling at the moon. Only a little more longer until we find out about the goodness that is Zelda. (Man that series is too good!)

In other news, apparently the VP of Marketing at Nintendo is saying this year’s E3 will feature quite a bit of details about the revolution. Could this be true? I really feel it would be a mistake on Nintendo’s part not to show off the system. I mean come on, Poop-box is already showed, PS3 next week. If Nintendo doesn’t make a move quick, it will only make the uphill battle that more difficult to become a more dominant player . What’s your guys take?