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In the August issue of EGM, the magazine has an article on the GameCube’s upcoming releases. The way the article reads, they make it sound like the Cube is the only console with a shortage of games during this it’s last year. I didn’t know it, but I guess the PS2 and Xbox are just bursting with great games right now (cough, cough).

Isn’t a slow down always expected during a console’s last year of development? It’s obvious developers even first party publishers have started to focus on next generation consoles, Sony and MS included. EGM just doesn’t seem to get it.

Sounds more like history repeating to me…

(Best line from article: “Despite all the talk about next-generation hardware, the longest line at E3 wasn’t for the PlayStation 3 demo reel or anything Xbox 360 – it was for a GameCube game.”)


  1. It’s just another blow to Nintendo…since they are “3rd” in the race.

  2. Errr….the 360 comes out this year….and there are still more great games to come to the XBox than the GC O.o ?!?

  3. Appearently, somebody subscribed me to EGM when I wasn’t looking. I really never read them in-depth, I just flip through, read anything that catches my eye, and toss them next to my mountain of old Mad Magazines to collect dust for all eternity. I really don’t like reading game magazines that cover all three platforms, because they’re always biased against the Gamecube. They gave the PS2’s E3 showing an A-, and the GCN and XBox’s showing a C-. You know if the XBox had the Gamecube’s current upcoming lineup, it would have been at the very least an A. The Gamecube has about four games that you know are going to kick all sorts of ass, whereas the XBox has a port of a generic tech demo. Great. I’ll take a fancy physics engine over a good game any day of the week.

  4. What game is that dude playing in the picture?

    He looks like he’s thinking: “Go away! Dont’t photograph me while I’m playing!”.

  5. spud: If you’re in the UK you should try reading Edge. It’s multiformat, but isn’t biased in any direction at all. It’s my favorite games mag actually. It’s the most intelligent and informed magazine concerning video games and their that I’ve ever read in a magazine.

    If you can’t get the mag, then hit

    Jonic :o)

  6. Wow… That last sentence in the first paragraph went really wierd huh?

    It should have been more like: “…concerning video games and their industry that I’ve ever read.”

    Hope that’s a little clearer.


  7. Saw Edge mag after a quite a long hiatus – wish I’d never bothered. It’s the same old pretentious shite packaged and sold for £4.00.

    Still, it’s not as bad as under the editorship of “Sony’s Tony” Mott who used to make it his unofficial PS2 mag.

  8. check future publishing’s NGC mag for everything Nintendo.
    probably the best mag around

  9. I live in the US, but thanks anyway. With the internet handy, I see little reason to subscribe to a videogame mag anyway. I can’t bring myself to trust any form of videogame-related media that is either owned or sponsored by game companies.

  10. I like GAMES ™, which is a British import magazine. Good reviews for all three systems (I actually agree with a majority of their Ninty-related reviews), great articles and overall good quality. It’s a hefty 10+ bucks though, which is why I usually just read them in Barnes and Noble. 😉

  11. NGC is OK but a bit thin on content (not really their fault mind).

    I think the best Nintendo mag ever was the now long discontinued “Super Play”.

  12. I learned a year ago when I bough t an EGM mag how biased towards Sony they are. I bought the E3 edition with the DS VS PSP on the cover. If anyone doesn’t remember Sony’s E3 press conference last year, I dont blame you, it was all just numbers and powerpoint presentations. Nintendo’s was by far much more entertaining but of course, being EGM, they diss the xbox and nintendo press conferences and declare Sony had the best one. Heres an exact quote, “while Nintendo and microsofts preshow events rely on fanboys and celebrity splash to sell their respective systems sizzle, Sony’s perennially bland conference sells the steak”

    Look at any EGM issue and I can assure you it will always place Sony above the other two. I’ve said it before and it still applies, EGM is like a Playstation magazine that covers other systems just so they can put them down.

    I borrowed my friends issue that has “the year of the portables” on the cover. In that specific article, they said “The PSP is the clear winner in the pcoming battle” and for the DS “its yet to be seen if [the DS’ quirky new ways to game] will catch on”. And this issue was printed in May! By then, the DS was about to sell through 6 million units while the PSP was at about 2.4 million units.

    Theres just nothing you can do about it. EGM is majorly biased towards playstation and feeds BS to all its braindead worshippers. The site they are associated with,, is THE worst video game website I’ve ever seen. THE WORST. Its full of dumbass fanboys who think the most realistic guns and blood and violence and an M rating are all a game needs to be fun. Theyre all stupid little mainstream dumbasses that know nothing about the industry but act like they know everything. To put it plain and simple, its filled with dumbass fanboys, even the editors at EGM.

  13. Amem to that

  14. jake – it gets worse. All the tech mags/sites picked the PSP as a “winner” (like, ahem, Stuff magazine).

    Don’t you just love it when these sites are proved wrong and fall flat on their faces?

    To his credit a columnist from PC Mag came out in favour of the DS compared to PSP – and got promptly dissed by the Sony fanboys in the forum. Which I think was pretty hilarious. Link to the review below:,1759,1778836,00.asp

    But Sony DO have powerful friends in the media unfortunately, which is probably why mainstream media outlets appear to suffer from an inherent pro-Sony, anti-Nintendo bias. :o(

    I think CBS is owned by Sony.

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