State of Games

In the August issue of EGM, the magazine has an article on the GameCube’s upcoming releases. The way the article reads, they make it sound like the Cube is the only console with a shortage of games during this it’s last year. I didn’t know it, but I guess the PS2 and Xbox are just bursting with great games right now (cough, cough).

Isn’t a slow down always expected during a console’s last year of development? It’s obvious developers even first party publishers have started to focus on next generation consoles, Sony and MS included. EGM just doesn’t seem to get it.

Sounds more like history repeating to me…

(Best line from article: “Despite all the talk about next-generation hardware, the longest line at E3 wasn’t for the PlayStation 3 demo reel or anything Xbox 360 – it was for a GameCube game.”)