YouTube Spotlight: Retro Liberty


Fans of retro gaming will  likely get a kick out of YouTube channel Retro Liberty’s exploits. Founders Aaron and Ricky are best known for creating a show called NES Pursuit, in which they hunt for retro games and equipment at the lowest prices. For those of you who simply order games online nowadays, the NES Pursuit will reawaken that fondness you have for stepping out of your door and perusing collections of physical games to find what you are looking for or discover something new. Watching Retro Liberty makes me want to do that and also to play more retro games. And you can expect each video to have a good helping of humor, which doesn’t hurt.

The video above is Aaron and Ricky’s top 10 NES games. It’s a year old now, but if it doesn’t make you want to run out and buy an NES along with all those games, I picked the wrong video to spotlight. Enjoy.

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