Your New Toy(s)

“Say hello to my little… friend(s).”

Multiple colors will be available.


  1. “In addition, incorporated technology will easily allow games from the NES, SNES, N64 and Nintendo GameCube generations to be controlled in familiar fashion.”

    i can see NES… but have yet to see how SNES and N64 will work… maybe you just plug in another controller into the controller?..

  2. The black one looks so hot right now. Black is the new…err black?

  3. Are apple and Nintendo working together? Never before have I seen simple in such revolutionary terms

  4. Heh, not to mention the visual similarities.

  5. who cares about backwards compatibility when the hardware looks perfect, I mean i’m in college and do you think i’ll feel any shame in playing with that?

  6. No longer are we nintendophiles grouped as kids and such when are system will be the envy of others, not to mention cheaper.

  7. This certainly seems like it’ll be a love or hate case for many people.

  8. Of course all of this is still speculation really, I mean till we all have a controller in are hand we won’t be able to appreciate it, but think about it a bit no l/r triggers, instead the movement of your wrist someone out there tell me that’s not neo!

  9. ummmmmmmmmm……………… there are triggers………. you should read………….

  10. Sorry for so many posts but this device has at least for me peaked my curiosity to a new high, i mean graphics and realism are good, but i would rather play a fictional game traveling to imaginative worlds, than pick up some hooker or shoot some thugs over crack money?

  11. oh my bad! guess that shoots my new age rant in the foot.

  12. and anonymous please help me see the triggers, and keep in mind i’m writing this while doing my dld homework.

  13. geez i hope my enthusiasm hasn’t scared people away from this blog, but it is really cool to share your ideas with others that have similar or different views. Oh if anyones wondering dld(Digital Logic Design) so yeah i’m a geek.

  14. I think the NEW control rocks! I can see playing old NES games with it, and N64 easy… Analog attachment anyone? Check out my NEW blog.

  15. Sweet. I want. now.

  16. can someone explain how this remote like device has l/r triggers this is perplexing to me.

  17. the remote has a trigger underneath and the anaolg attachment has a couple triggers on it too.

  18. hah see i was only thinking of the remote, but this makes me wonder as I am certain it makes you all wonder as well, what is the competition going to do after all this commotion? Will sony take this and try their own hand in it, or will they continue pushing graphics to the limit and leave creativity in the dust?

  19. This shall be the envie of all the world! hm… maybe Nintendo is bent on world domination…
    I shall no longer be prosecuted for playing Nintendo since this shall be the envie of many many people

  20. So many emotions… My simple human mind is incapable of processing all of them.

  21. Come On, Lightsabers guys!!! Need I say more. THis is what I was waiting for Nintendo to take this kind of virtual technology and put some financial backing to it.

  22. Not as clumsy and random as a Wavebird; An elegant controller, of a more civilized age.

  23. It can’t be a coincidence that they unveiled the Revo controller just as I was wrapping up the SP campaign in Jedi Academy for the zillionth time.

  24. Nintendo says to Sony “Try copying THAT, BITCH.”

  25. Drop dead gorgeous…everything and then some…I’m at a lack of words

  26. I want the black one

  27. I think this says to the competitors, we told you we started games as they are known now, and if you want to copy this controller everyone will know who is the
    king of innovation and creativity!

  28. My only problem with the controller is the naming structure of the buttons: A, a, and Z1, Z2 . . . doesn’t that annoy some of you out there? There are other letters in the alphabet that aren’t too complicated Nintendo, what about A, B, C, D? What do you guys think?

  29. i think they’re the same buttons in different places… its so the novice gamer can use it… the advanced gamer will know the difference between large A and little a… also… you can hold it different and use which ever buttons you like… and its a classic NES controller flipped sideways…

  30. it was said that classic controllers will plug into the remote “pointer” so you can play the old titles… of course you’ll have to buy the new controllers…

  31. Ahhh finally 😀
    Too bad I had to sleep while they showed it 🙁
    Though I definatly like the controller, I’m not hyped…because I expected something like this 😀
    What I didn’t expect was the style and that is fantastic ! Looks soooo smooth and sexy 😀 Touching is gooooood ! 😀
    Well, what can I say ?
    Viva la Revolution!

  32. I wasnt expecting this but i love think its awesome, but im sure a quite alot of people think nintendo has gone berserk but i cant wait and hey if u dont like the controller then cant u play with the gamecube pad and nintendo said they will be releasing other pads for us to play with so its all cooooool.

  33. Hello again! I see this is an older post, but I had to stop in and leave a comment here, too! Donny Osmond now that would have been a fun meniteg! I would have enjoyed it. This takes me back a bit boy I’m feeling old right now! Lol!! Well, I hope you got that external hard drive fixed .. mind if I ask which one it was? I recently had major computer trouble, and finally made the switch to a Mac, along with an external hard drive. I backed up all my photos, and sure hope nothing like that happens, but, if it does, I do have Carbonite where they’re all safely backed up, just in case! I do have a Flickr account, but I’ve also thought about switching to SmugMug. Well, one thing at a time! Hope you found those pink heels, and cute jewelry you were looking for, for that wedding! Again, Yvonne, you have a blessed weekend!

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