You saw it here first! The Game Boy Nano

I can assure you 100% that this mock-up will be posted on Infendo before anywhere else, because I just finished making it! Everything but the base of the unit (which I stole from an iPod Nano picture), is completely digitally fabricated, so don’t even try to pass this around as a real photo or schematic.


  1. ???, move the speakers above the dpad and buttons. Your hand will cover all the volume!!!

  2. by vlume i mean sound.

  3. Wow….What’s the point of this? It’s like a GBM, but ipodier and with an apple logo.

    Yay. 😐

  4. Its called have a sense of humor…


    I think its kinda cool, reminds me of DS lite ^.^

  5. XD Would the games even have room to fit in there!?

  6. Nice work, Dale!

  7. And then iTunes will have a retro-arcade section that allows you to download games! Hmm .. maybe that’s the Rev’s secret .. iTunes music and game downloads.

    Nah, Nintendo said they didn’t want to go the media center route.

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