Windjammers Review

Come on and jam

I was a huge fan of Disc Jam when it came to Switch putting in around seventy-five hours or so and making my way to the top of the singles leaderboard. so I was extremely interested in playing the game Disc Jam was based on in Windjammers. I was also curious as to how much it copied the gameplay.


Windjammers is an easy to understand but hard to master game. The basic concept is to throw the disc behind your opponent while they try to do the same. If you hit the wall on a yellow spot it’s worth three and the red spot is worth five.There is much more to it though as you can speed up the disc with a perfect throw or curve the disc. There are also supers which can crawl along the side of the wall or go in circles to make it much harder for the other player to catch. These things all add up to create an experience that is extremely enjoyable. I found myself trying to think a couple of moves ahead to try to beat the other person and also trying to think of what he would expect the least. This creates a constant back and forth of both between you and your opponent playing mind games with each other in an effort to score some points. In addition to these mechanics there are also six different characters that all have a different balance of power versus speed.



There are four offline modes which are arcade,mini-games,versus and wireless. Versus and wireless are one versus one modes against your friends with one on being on the console itself. Mini-games are two little games that are good for some amusement for a couple of minutes but the majority of the time spent by yourself will be spent in arcade mode. Arcade mode is a Street Fighter style mode where you pick one character and go against the other five and eventually your own character. I’m happy to say the Windjammers single player can get extremely challenging on hard compared to Disc Jam which lacked any kind of challenge offline.

Online consists of three different types which are ranked, quick and custom. Custom is an online match against a friend while quick is a casual match against someone random. Ranked is where I spent a large part of my time and unfortunately it had some problems. I managed to get myself to the top 20 and then found that I would disconnect before being able to play a game with others while still getting the boost in ranking as if I had won. There has been a patch since that fixed this luckily however this can’t fix the biggest problem I found with the online which was a lack of people to play against. It was bad enough that it often took fifteen to twenty minutes to get a match for ranked which is a shame because matches were enjoyable when I could find them.


  • Challenging single player
  • Intense matches


  • Hard to find an online match