Win a FREE copy of Mario Tennis for the GBA

[Update: Congratulations to contest winner Chris Kattner (Clu) from Victoria, Canada! Send us your full address via the tips form and we’ll get your game shipped out asap. Thanks to all that posted.]

That’s right, win a FREE copy of Mario Tennis: Power Tour for the GBA just by being the 250th commenter on this post. To win, just write down your name and town in the post comment, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can enter as much as you like.

This is a great game and you don’t even have to like tennis to enjoy it. Happy commenting and good luck!

[Note: Infendo writers and partners cannot enter this contest. Boo!]


  1. 1 comment

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 4… 4 comments!! wah-hahahaha! (my best impression of The Count)

  5. 5

  6. 6

  7. It will be Mine!!!

  8. have there ever been 250 comments?

  9. will there ever be?

  10. Damn word verification .. I’m bored already.

  11. here is my entry

  12. too bad there was no running total… (11)

  13. Wow. 250?

  14. 12

  15. At least it’s easier if you’re logged into Blogger.

  16. hmm inserting your own is not a good idea… 🙂

  17. Okay, I think I’ve done my part.

  18. I am sure work would not like us just posting comments all day 🙂

  19. but I guess while you wait for a compile to finish what else is there to do

  20. Fuzz

    Calgary, Canada

  21. has infendo ever had 250 comments in a single news item?

  22. Fuzz

    Calgary, Canada

  23. did i win?

  24. joe

    corpus christi, tx

  25. #250 – right here (so what if the number above does not show 250, computers make mistakes, trust me I am #250 🙂

  26. (#24)Here’s two dozen entries so far

  27. 26 right here

  28. wow I see 62 is the most number of comments so far (just searched back to the start of march…

  29. 27

  30. still 62 is the highest, through the start of february…

  31. well through the start of january still 64 reigns supreme.. you know going through the archive is entertaining.. there is a lot of stuff I have forgotten about.

  32. woo-hoo animal crossing made it to 74 comments on dec. 10 2005 🙂

  33. through the start of november animal crossing is the highest… 🙂

  34. Damn, I’m not eligible.

  35. wow “Where do you live” made it to 110 comments, I guess people do not mind giving out informatin 🙂

  36. through septembet now…

  37. ok so through march 1st 2005 the highest number of comments for any one article is 110, now we have to get to 250. Ouch. Come on people start hitting with some comments…..

  38. doing my part

  39. again

  40. this is going to take like a week or more.. me thinks 250 is a very difficult goal

  41. another one

  42. yippie a spam contest

  43. very silly..

  44. anyone know of an automated script or tool that could spam the comments for us?

  45. hmmmm

  46. Geoff, you’re or someone is going to get busted

  47. It’s gonna take a while…

  48. forever…

  49. maybe longer…

  50. Are we there yet?

  51. Ahem…

  52. Now?

  53. I’m..

  54. Gonna…

  55. win…

  56. weeeeeeeeee!

    luke, freeport, illinois

  57. weeeeeeeeee!

    luke, freeport, illinois

  58. weeeeeeeeee!

    luke, freeport, illinois

  59. weeeeeeeeee!

    luke, freeport, illinois

  60. weeeeeeeeee!

    luke, freeport, illinois

  61. weeeeeeeeee!

    luke, freeport, illinois

  62. weeeeeeeeee!

    luke, freeport, illinois

  63. weeeeeeeeee!

    luke, freeport, illinois

  64. weeeeeeeeee!

    luke, freeport, illinois

  65. b

  66. long way to go…

    Anthony, Chicago, Illinois

  67. a

  68. 1

  69. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  70. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  71. what in the middle of oreo!

  72. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  73. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  74. daddy would you like some sausage?

  75. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  76. getting close to 100

    (glass is half full arguments commence)

  77. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  78. its begining to look a lot like x mass!

  79. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  80. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  81. its working ever so slowly

  82. mmmm

  83. soup node!

  84. i will win!

  85. hahahhahaha

  86. akljflksjaf

  87. what number is this?

  88. it would be entertaining to see an anonymous person win… 🙂

  89. 89

  90. that would be unfortunate geoff!

  91. i’m not anonymous but its faster to post this way

  92. .

  93. i wonder how many people are waiting and watching to bite when it gets high

  94. yeah I know, sorry

    my sadistic side made an appearence:)

  95. bastards gonna capitalize off all my hard work

  96. how come it is faster to post that way?

  97. Did I make it???

    Norfolk, Nebraska

  98. sadistic side eh?

  99. mega edition

  100. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  101. wow you hit the 100 mark!!

  102. Simon

    Peterborough, UK!

  103. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  104. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  105. a bunch of more people have begun to show up… (lunch breaks?)

  106. This is oddly fun.. good way to pass time at work.



    Medina, OH

  107. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  108. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  109. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  110. hmm this 100 should go much quicker

  111. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  112. Commenting ish fun.

  113. comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!!!

  114. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

  115. bildo, what do you do where repetitive posting is fun?? 🙂

  116. I demand word verification be taken out!



    Medina, OH

  117. See any good movies lately?

  118. Billing for healthcare… cutting my eyes out with a rake would be fun right now. 🙂



    Medina, OH

  119. we have now surpassed the record number of comments for any single infendo item

  120. But it’s a college job, so alas I must deal and suck it up. Good pay too.



    Medina, OH

  121. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  122. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  123. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  124. Yayyyyyy!


    Medina, OH

    under 130 to go… yay!

  125. wow if you do decide to cut your eyes out post a picture (however I do not endores or condone cutting your eyes out…)

  126. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

    Isn’t this fun?

  127. It’s fun all right.

  128. ew. no ocular cavity pictures please

  129. It’s funny how far people will go for a game. What am I saying?! It’s Mario!

  130. Any bets on how long it’ll take to get to 250?

  131. hmm what to write

  132. hmm what to write

  133. hmm what to write

    Saskatoon, Canada

  134. Saskatoon, Canada

  135. another half hour I bet

  136. Norfolk, Ne

  137. Saskatoon, Canada

  138. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    My guess is at this rate 30 minutes

  139. this is taking so long

  140. Comments are so fun to do

  141. Norfolk, Ne

  142. Saskatoon, Canada

  143. I agree. I bet somebody is just waiting for us to reach the 200’s

  144. the stupid word verification is no fun though

  145. So whatcha wanna talk about?

  146. Not fun at all. Very annoying to do.

  147. Saskatoon, Canada

  148. hmmm

  149. Lares, Puerto Rico

  150. Calgary, Alberta

  151. i hope i’m not the winner, i dont like tennis or Mario, nor do i have a Gameboy Advance. If i do win i’ll probably end up leaving the game in my mail box until some one steals it.

  152. Lares, Puerto Rico

  153. why did that anonymous person post a link to a blog.. shameless



  154. nice, posts as anonymous seem to be more entertaining then the normal posts…

  155. lares, puerto rico

  156. we broke through the 150 mark

  157. Not like anybody will notice the link with all these comments.

  158. lares, puerto rico

  159. checks watch…

    Norfolk, NE

  160. Saskatoon, Canada

  161. lares, puerto rico

  162. Yeah, I noticed that as well

  163. Saskatoon, Canada

  164. down to the homestretch

  165. Calgary, Alberta

  166. lares, pr

  167. Saskatoon, Canada

  168. lares, pr

  169. About 90 left

  170. lares,pr

  171. oops, I didn’t mean that

    norfolk, ne

  172. Calgary, Alberta

  173. lares,pr

  174. I can almost smell getting post #251 🙂

  175. Saskatoon, Canada

  176. lares,pr

  177. Now it’s really gaining speed

    norfolk, ne

  178. Calgary, Alberta

  179. lares,pr

  180. In fact I will likely get # 249 & 251, while an anonymous person will get #250 🙂

  181. lares,pr

  182. Yes it is. I say it’ll be done in 10.

  183. lares,pr

  184. c’mon lucky numberrrrr

    norfolk, ne

  185. i may have said some things earlier that i dint mean. i would like to retract my statements about not liking tennis. i have only played once but it was fun.

  186. lares,pr

  187. lares,pr

  188. Getting that number would be very bad..

  189. lares,pr

  190. lares,pr

  191. Who’s gonna get 200?

    norfolk, ne

  192. 60 to go at writing this

  193. lares,pr

  194. Calgary, Alberta

    Who knows.

  195. lares,pr

  196. I’ve never played mario tennis

  197. lares,pr
    almost there…

  198. Calgary, Alberta

    This is so fun…

  199. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  200. lares,pr

    someone has to win

  201. 50 more..

  202. lares,pr

  203. lares,pr

  204. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  205. Well of course someone has to win

  206. lares,pr

  207. are we there yet?

    norfolk, ne

  208. lares,pr

  209. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  210. Calgary, Alberta

  211. lares,pr

  212. lares,pr

  213. lares,pr

  214. maybe it’s all an illusion, perhaps the real winner is inside each and every one of us.

    but just in case:

    norfolk, ne

  215. No..

    Calgary, Alberta

  216. town in real life, or animal crossing

  217. lares,pr

  218. lares,pr

  219. whew, this is getting exciting

    norfolk, ne

  220. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  221. hmmmm

    norfolk, ne

  222. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  223. *yawns* So tiring

  224. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  225. any minute now

    norfolk, ne

  226. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  227. How many more comments..

  228. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  229. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  230. *rolls the dice, come onnnn

  231. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  232. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  233. I say in 5 this will be all over..the pain..

  234. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  235. norfolk, ne

  236. 10 or so to go

  237. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  238. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  239. Hola!

  240. Calgary, Alberta

  241. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  242. the tension is excrutiating….I hope it’ll last

    norfolk, ne

  243. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  244. Chris.

    Calgary, Alberta

  245. Aloha!

  246. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  247. norfolk, ne

  248. Chris Kattner

  249. Viva!

  250. Chris

    Calgary, Alberta

  251. Simon,

    Peterborough, UK

    Infendo rox.

  252. norfolk, ne

  253. Jon
    East Sussex, UK.

  254. awwwww

    I was 249!!!!!

  255. norway

  256. Balls! Oh well

    Great fun.

  257. so what did we all learn about this little excersize?

  258. WOW!

    I’m amazed –

    what some suckers will do for freebies!


  259. Because I feel like there was some cheating involved, and it has not been officially ended, I will enter anyway:

    Joe Sgro
    Philadelphia, PA

  260. Zach B.
    Sarasota, FL

  261. David D.
    Los Angeles, CA

  262. I win! I win!!

    (Or did I???)

  263. Some people need to pay more attention. They didn’t write their name and town.

    Josh D.
    Tokyo, JAPAN

  264. What the hell? The datestamp is a week off. This contest didn’t actually happen yet.


  265. this contest falls mostly on the gay side of gay.

  266. Doug Kaplan
    Westwood, NJ

  267. Doug Kaplan
    Westwood, NJ

  268. ** FART **

  269. is it too late?

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