Wii wriststrap lawsuit to continue on without evidence, intelligence

It would appear that Wii wrist strap has not only managed to weed out and expose the utterly brain dead of our community, but the brazenly greedy as well.

From GameIndustry.biz, my personal fix for all things games, industry and business:

The suit claims the wrist strap for the controller of the recently released Wii console is ineffective for its intended use and Nintendo has breached the warranty of the device. Filed on December 6th, the suit is seeking to become a class-action, with anyone who has suffered similar problems able to join. Nintendo has offered an official rebuttal to the lawsuit, stating: “We believe the lawsuit to be completely without merit.”

I encourage everyone to go play video games and have fun, because if I find out that any Infendo readers have joined this class action, well, Wenis is coming to your house and it isn’t going to be pretty.