Wii Waste – Points card packaging

Androo from London shows us how wasteful Nintendo has been with Wii Points Cards in the UK.

“2000 Wii Points comes in a full fledged White DVD case that contains a 26-page Instruction Manual, a 10-page preview of upcoming Wii games, a printed DVD shaped piece of card, and finally, a credit card sized Wii Points card.

All of this seems like a terrible waste, considering you could sell the card all on it’s own, perhaps double size so that instructions could be printed on it.”

I still haven’t seen any Points Cards for sale here in the US, so I can’t confirm how they’re packaged. I think this is incredible overkill, although a free white case for Wii Sports would be handy. Do you think Nintendo should be taken to task for over-packaging?

[Click the image to check out everything that comes with a UK Wii Points Card.]