Wii U Web Browser Bench Marks Achieve High Score

The jury is still out on the Wii U’s online gaming experience.  In the meantime, we have learned a little bit about the Wii U web browser.

According to HTML5Test.com, The Wii U web browser has outperformed the xBox 360, Playstation Vita, and all other Nintendo web browsers, when compared to other gaming platforms.  It has even outperformed Internet Explorer 10 in the Desktop Browser arena, and was only slightly defeated by Firefox 16.  It looks like we might have a little Mac in the browsing ring.

Now, we should keep in mind that the Wii U web browser is still in “Beta” testing, so any tweaks could happen that either improve, or inhibit the functionality.  But, from what we are seeing so far the results are very promising.  I believe it shows Nintendo’s dedication to ensuring the Wii U is not only a top notch gaming console, but also an all around powerhouse.

My only complaint is that Wii U is not flash compatible., although neither are their other systems.  However, it does focus heavily on HTML 5 which is an alternative to Adobe Flash.  A few other perks is that you can tilt the game-pad to scroll, rather than slide your finger up and down the screen.  You can also use the TV screen/Game-pad combo at the same time.  For example, you can load a Youtube video on your TV and still browse the web on the Game-pad.  And for those of you that are stuck on a game, or just need a little hint, you can launch the browser while playing the game to auto-populate search terms based on the game you are  playing.

So, this may not be news of the online game-play experience, but it is very promising in the web functionality area.  The Wii U is slowly being revealed as a little powerhouse, focusing not only on the gaming experience, but also working itself into the users everyday life.  What are your thoughts?

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