Wii U Preview!

Wii U Preview!

The wait is finally over!  Reggie got right to the point and announced that the Wii U will be available ion Sunday November 18th.

There will be two versions available:

Basic Edition:

  • White console

  • Gamepad

  • AC Adapter

  • sensor bar

  • Retail price of $299.99

Deluxe Edition:

  • Black Console

  • includes all of the above

  • Additional Memory

  • Stand for both the console, and gamepad

  • Nintendo Land Game

  • retail value $349.99

  • Points for Digital Downloads which can be used for future downloads

Nintendo Land will include a side game called Metroid Blast which looks FANTSTIC!!!!

Two launch titles will be Super Mario Bros. Wii U and Lego Legends!

After the announcement of the launch titles Reggie announced that the Wii is currently in tens of millions of households.  Because of this, they decided to expand the entertainment capabilities.  Nintendo TVii has been in Nintendo’s thoughts for a while.  Now, with the Wii U, we can finally use the Wii U to watch Hulu, record to our Tivo, rent a movie on Amazon,  interact with your favorite sporting event,and much more.  This feature really looks exciting!  IF it works as well as they presented it, Nintendo TVii could revolutionize the way we watch TV.  Oh, by the way, Nintendo TVii will be free!

Now Reggie has gone back to the games.  Bayonetta 2 was given a sneak preview, and is being published by Nintendo exclusively for Wii U.  Other releases will be “the Wonderful 101″and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (for both Wii U and 3DS).  Monster Hunter for the Wii U will include a co op mode as well as online play, although no further details were given at this time.  Activision also showed up to introduce Skylanders Giants, Wipe Out 3, 007 Legends,  Transformers Prime: The Game, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II!!  Each of the titles look amazing.

Reggie could not guarantee which games will be available on launch day, however the launch day catalog will be the largest ever for a launch.  In fact, by the end of the year, we should see about 50 games total!

What are your thoughts about the announcements?  Are you more, or less, excited about the news?


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