Wii Sports outsells Zelda in Japan

The Japanese apparently have had as much fun snapping off furious forehand winners as I have had over the past weeks, as Wii Sports outsold The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on launch weekend (remember, it’s not bundled there).

In numbers released today, Nintendo said it has sold 370,000 Wii Sports units over the launch weekend. Twilight Princess sold 140,000 copies.

This news came as Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata said his company expects to beat sales forecasts, which were already somewhat optimistic to begin with. Seems not even Nintendo was prepared for the success that both the DS and now the Wii have produced. And there was some concern that the DS’s mind-blowing popularity in Japan could cannibalize Wii sales, but that did not happen.

“Some analysts say the largest rival of the Wii is the DS. But if you take a look at DS sales in the United States in the Thanksgiving week, or DS sales in Japan in the week of the Wii launch, there has been little impact,” he said.

Personally, I’ve put Zelda on hold for Wii Sports and Excite Truck… am I alone?