Wii pumps iron with Men’s Health

Good morning Sunday Infendo readers. Today, we see yet another example that the Wii has infiltrated a non-traditional avenue: Men’s Health Magazine. In the monthly “Ask the Girl Next Door” section with Nicole Beland, a reader asks the buxom beauty, “How can I get my girlfriend into playing video games?”

Says Nicole: “Calling her over to watch you pistol whip a hooker in GTA or solve the riddle of the moon druids in Myst IV is not the way. Maybe you should buy that new Nintendo system with the stupid name, Wii. It was designed to suck video-dissing women into the virtual world. Personally, I’m addicted to Rockstar’s Table Tennis and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.”

Yeah, Nicole, whatever you say. But the Wii tidbit was golden. Names aside, it’s yet another example of some solid word of mouth marketing on Nintendo’s part. Anyone else planning on using the Wii as a “gateway drug” for friends and loved ones?