Wii Prove Our Promise by teasing you some more


It’s damn early where I am, and I’m a bitter bastard. I love Nintendo, but this morning’s “Wii Prove Our Promise” press conference at Leipzig was really just a formal announcement for Super Mario Strikers Charged and Batallion Wars 2. Yes, that’s it. No release dates, no spilling of the beans, and certainly no pricing information to be found. However, Infendo writer Nick was the closest to what really happened with his predictions, so I’m sure Blake has a cool price in line for him. Oops, did I say price? I meant prize. I guess the stress got to me. Anyway, it will probably be something sweet like a trip on the Super Mario Cruise Lines or something nice like that. Nick’s Leipzig wish list was simple yet correct: Playable games. It would appear that this is the case, as pressers were invited to play Batallion Wars 2 and other Wii titles following the conference.

Silver lining? Both of these titles appear to support online multiplayer functionality. Also a cool stat: 44% of all European DS owners are female, which is probably why Europe is getting the pink DS Lite.

In closing, it would appear as though we all must now wait until at least mid-Spetember to see or hear any more Nintendo Wii-related announcements. Are there any more shows coming up? How do you see the Wii bombshells being dropped in the next 2 to 3 months?