Wii-less Japanese software market still dominated by Nintendo


Too. Much. Can’t. Resist. Must. Bash. Sony…

Software – This Week | Total Sales

1.) Love and Berry DS Collection (NDS, Sega) – 421,227 | NEW
2.) Jump Ultimate Stars (NDS, Nintendo) – 150,303 | NEW
3.) J-League Winning Eleven 10 (PS2, Konami) – 103,365 | NEW
4.) Common Knowledge Training (NDS, Nintendo) – 81,813 | 611,642
5.) Pok̩mon Diamond (NDS, The Pok̩mon Company) Р76,183 | 1,827,226
6.) Pok̩mon Pearl (NDS, The Pok̩mon Company) Р58,158 | 1,539,775
7.) Kirby Squeak Squad (NDS, Nintendo) – 55,824 | 352,082
8.) Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (X360, Tecmo) – 45,536 | NEW
9.) Jeanne D’Arc (PSP, SCE) – 45,387 | NEW
10.) New Super Mario Bros. (NDS, Nintendo) – 35,086 | 3,451,994


25.) Final Fantasy III (NDS)
26.) Zaidan Houjin Nihon Kanji Noryoku (NDS)
27.) Final Fantasy V Advance (GBA)
28.) DS Cusine Navigator (NDS)
29.) Riiiiiiiiiiidge Racerrrrrrrrr 7!!! (PS3)
30.) Gundam: Target in Sight (PS3)

PS3 software sales have been muscled out of the top 25 in Japan by the lowly, yesterday’s graphics gimmick, Nintendo DS. I may need to move there. Wii could cement the deal. And yes, that’s an Xbox 360 game in the Top 10.


  1. Hardware is out as well guys. DSL sold more than 200k units. Even the 460 went up 7k.


  2. I don’t see any Wii stuff on there either. Also, obviously the PS3 hasn’t sold many units. If we go by what percentage of the manufactured products were sold Sony would come up pretty strong. Maybe things should be looked at in perspective here.

  3. Auker, the Wii will be release tomorrow December 2nd in Japan. So obviously there wouldn’t be any Wii numbers. I expect the Wii to take over Japan in the same fashion the DS has.

  4. Overpowering Sony in gaming sales in Japan IS a big deal!

    Again, if I were Sony, I would be worried…

  5. Perspective is important, agreed. That said, once you get pushed out of, say, the top 20, you are no longer making enough money as a developer/publisher to warrant developing for a system. There are more than 100k PS3’s in Japan now and rising, and DS sales are going UP, not down. That’s about all the perspective I need on this particular post.

  6. That’s not exactly true. The top 20 may consist of extrardinarily selling games, while the rest can still be decent performers. And there are not 100k PS3’s in Japan, only 80-ish thousand, and out of those many were bought for resale. PS3 games had a low attach rate as well, and it’s unfair to put it against Japan’s favorite son, the DS, which costs a fraction of the PS3 price.

    Perspective is not pitting a cheap, handheld sales wonder to a just-launched, hard to find, expensive super console. File this under “The Nintendoptimist”.

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