Wii hopeful turns down chance to buy PS3

Doodirock from 2old2play recounts his experience turning down the rare chance to buy a PS3 in favor of the sold-out Wii. From the article: “So there we were, two old guys waiting in line for a Wii at our local Toys R Us. To make matters worse, one of the mothers in line asked, ‘You getting one for your kids?’ Um no lady, we’re dorks and dorks game at all ages… [After turning down the chance to buy a rare PS3] the cashier was in total shock. “You wont be able to get these till March if you leave now!” That maybe true, but shouldn’t I actually want something that I’m going to buy? I think the sad fact is, I almost did buy the console on hype alone.”

The entrepreneur in me would’ve snatched up those four PS3s quick like, however.