Wii – five months later

Another month goes by and you still can’t buy a Wii without playing the camping and hunting game. Great new games like Super Paper Mario are starting to come out and developers are starting to really take notice of the slim white box. That said, here are a couple things about Wii that have been on my mind lately.

I really thought the interface for Wii would be a lot sleeker and faster. I like the Channel interface, but the way it basically reboots itself and the amount of time it takes to maneuver from menu to channel and back again is too slow. My expectations were that I could be playing a game like Zelda, pause it, hop out to the Internet Channel, look up a walkthrough or check my email, and hop right back in to my game. To do that now, I need to save my place in Zelda, wait for the system to restart, start the Internet Channel, wait for the system to reboot, etc, etc, etc.

Still to this day, I’m most surprised with the responsiveness of the controller. The graphics and (even more so) the sound on games like Super Paper Mario or Wii Sports really work for me. In fact, there are very few games where either of these factors are disappointing.

Here are a few questions to ponder, Infendo Nation:

a) What about Wii has disappointed you the most?
b) What about Wii has surprised you the most?