Wii, DS account for 50% of video game sales in Europe

Europe has officially joined Japan amongst the ranks of the “Nintendo Crazy” That’s because over the holiday season the Wii and the DS accounted for more than half of all European video game hardware sales in December.

From Gamasutra:

According to data compiled by Chart Track, the recently released Wii console sold nearly 200,000 units in the UK between its December 8 launch and the close of 2006, while the ever-popular Nintendo DS sold more than 500,000 units in December in the UK.

In addition, Nintendo further noted that 1.7 million Nintendo DS units were sold across Europe during December, making the platform the top selling console in Europe, both in December and 2006.


In total, Nintendo has revealed that over 700,000 Wii consoles were purchased across Europe in December.

But is it sustainable?