Wii campaign: It begins

“What could this be?”

Those words now greet you at the U.S. Wii Web site alongside an image of the Wiimote. What follows are a series of six videos that show various people of all walks of life actually using the Wiimote to play WiiSports. An older gent bowls, a young woman plays tennis for the first time, and a young guy gets comfortable in the batter’s box after a few swings of a virtual bat. And so begins Nintendo’s campaign to bring Wii to the masses; what better way than to show people using it for the very first time (allegedly)? Watch the videos, I think they give a pretty accurate indication of how this system will be receieved, at least at first. Whether the console has staying power will be something Infendo watches closely in the coming year.

[Thanks, Cantide]

P.S. — I also learned today that Nintendo’s marketing living room sets are vastly superior to my own.