Wi-Fi Software

Kotaku has a screenshot of the wi-fi software that will drive Nintendo’s new gaming network. Of course it will be translated into English for us North American and UK blokes.

Apparently, when the WiFi USB peripheral is inserted, the DS is able to go online. Before this happens, a pop-up window appears on both screens, guiding the player through the process and asking for their access point.

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. An interesting rumor floating about today from Gizmodo:


    A while ago before the Revo controller was revealed I joked about the Micro being the controller for Revolution… while that wasn’t entirely correct, this is an interesting twist on that.

  2. OMG is this what the secret jack is for ? (http://infendo.blogspot.com/2005/10/gameboy-micro-secret-jack.html) I actually daydreamed about this before I read the rumor posted by JB..

    Well on topic: Looks simple and nice.
    Should be easy esp. with the USB Connector….BUT my question is: What about those poor souls (like me) without broadband ?

  3. Access Point, my friend.

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