Why’s the DS So Hot?

..In Japan? The current issue of Famitsu asked readers “Why Did the Nintendo DS Sell So Well?” They’ve listed the following 5 reasons:

1.Great Promotions– A recent commercial for More Brain Training featured a famous Japanese actress playing the game for her very first time. She genuinely enjoyed herself while interacting with the software, showing how compelling, effective and useful it is.

2.Demo Stations Everywhere– You can find demo units at any department store. DSs are often found chicken-scratched to hell.

3.Non-Gamer Appeal– Certain games interest “un-gamers” or non-gamers by being plain old oddball and unconventional.

4.Wifi Game Download Stations– Whenever you walk up to a Wifi Download kiosk in Japan, you can get demos of titles that are as much as 2 months off from release. Nintendo’s being surprisingly generous.

5.Great Games Sold the System– DS has been a great example of Nintendo’s ability to provide their hardware with fantastic games, and “The quality of the games has caused developers to think in new ways, or to find inspiration.”

That’s why.

[Thanks Chrise, Source: Next-Gen]