Why star classification would fix game reviews

Star classification should be used in game reviewsKotaku’s Mark Wilson perceptively describes the current and outdated state of video game reviews.

If there is no such thing as a perfect game, then why are you scoring out of 100?… Movie reviewers solved this problem a long time ago. That’s why most adopted a simpler rating system in which a 4-star movie didn’t imply “perfection” but supreme excellence.

The star classification system (preferably four over five) just works better. It would allow gamers to quickly gauge a game’s quality while paying more attention to the actual review, all without taking the review score too seriously. One star is “poor.” Two stars “mediocre.” Three stars “good,” and four stars “excellent” (never perfect).

Then again, Metacritic would just convert the score to a 10-point scale, but at least you’re doing your part.