What’s pink and black and DS Lite all over?

With my Leipzig lack of Nintendo information hangover finally over, I have decided to return to my post and report to you that North American audiences could be seeing Pink and Black DS Lites for the holiday season. Currently, North America is the only venue outside of Autsralia that does not have more than one color, and that’s sad. Granted, it’s all rumor (rumors? From Nintendo? No way!), but this one’s being reported by more than one source and the idea makes a lot of sense, so who knows.

And with the pink DS Lite announcement, I’m making a personal pledge to myself: If the Wii launches for more than $250, I wil buy a pink DS Lite and start a Flikr stream of me playing it everywhere I can in public. In a dress. A Princess Toadstool-Peach-Daisy kind of dress.

UPDATE:Thanks to MisterInvisible, we now have conclusive evidence that this rumor is in fact very real.