What’s it like to work at Nintendo?

So what’s it like to work for Nintendo? While we couldn’t get any juicy, candid details, here is a sampling of what we come up with:

PalGN writes: “The offices located in the building are very roomy and highly decorated with many posters and other accessories, and Nintendo of Japan say they want every employee to have his/her own space… meals served at the cafeteria are up to five star qualities so one can eat there really well with some of the meals served. When itÂ?s time for Nintendo to have their well-deserved vacation (a month or so)… Nintendo of Japan begins to organize a number of activities ranging from tennis, golf, nature trips and heaps more. To sum it up, Nintendo of Japan employees have the enjoyment of their very own offices, high class cafeteria food, massages, huge libraries and out-going vacation activities.”

Revolution Europe writes: “Working at Nintendo feels more than amazing. What are the chances of ending up working in the company you have always tried to support? [They] are a good company to work for… I work in the European Product Analysis team, which makes it even more interesting as you get to see all the upcoming products. It is a major switch from being a journalist to being a Product Analyst which requires me to practically see everything that was kept hidden from me before. If my job did not require a NDA I would be able to make you understand.”

Beth Llewellyn, PR VP with Nintendo says: “IÂ?ve been working at Nintendo for over ten years now in the Marketing and Public Relations department. Nintendo is a great company and they take care of their employees.”

We really need to get a Nintendo employee blogging (We’re looking at you, Reggie). If you work for Nintendo, and are reading this, here are some blogger programs that will get you on your way: Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, MovableType, TextPattern, SquareSpace, and the list goes on. Otherwise, apply now!