What’s Behind Revolution’s Front Panel?

We’ve received an anonymous tip from a person who claims to have the Revolution model prototype. Not the dev kits we have been discussing this week, but the casing shown in all the pictures. He or she says it was very light because it lacks any components inside, but the blue light worked.

He/she goes on to say: “What I really wanted to know is what was underneath the front panel, but there was no way to open it up as it was sealed. I got a knife and punched it in and broke the flap to discover I should of slid it out instead of breaking it…There was some sort of slot to enter your SD card in. There were no prints on the inside that stated it was a SD slot but I was sure it was a SD port. There was also another slot/hole the size of a compact flash card. I can confirm that you cannot insert compact flash cards inside because I have tried my own one but the hole is slightly smaller..

Also there was another port/hole which was shaped like a circle with a engraved ring around it and it was the size of a keyboard/mouse port. This hole was far apart then the other holes.”

Our tipster finished by telling us they will explain more in detail when there is time and possibly provide us with pictures if they’re allowed to do so.

We will remain cautiously open to the idea, but it makes sense. You guys buy this?