What Wii want to see

Tomorrow could be the biggest day yet in terms of Wii news, with Nintendo giving a presentation at the 2006 Games Convention in Leipzig entitled “Wii Prove Our Promise.” Here’s what your friendly, neighborhood Infendo team is hoping to hear tomorrow:

Blake: Spill the freakin’ beans already!!! (Multiple exclamation marks requested by Blake.)

Jack: Obvious ones: Price and availability. Others: Every “surprise” revealed. No more “and just wait until right before launch for all the details.” Actual gameplay footage on actual machines with actual Wiimotes with actual people. In other words, I want to see exactly what’s arriving in October/November. In line with the every surprise revealed: A definitive definition of the Virtual Console (yes, that’s a redundant statement…) and what games are available on it, how much they cost and the process involved in getting them into my grubby little hands.

Matthew: Yes, Nintendo’s trickle of information over the past year has proven that secrecy can work as great hype and marketing. However, we’re at the breaking point where price and launch date must be revealed. Otherwise, a lot of people are going to get frustrated (yours truly included). And I agree with Jack – the final big secrets need to be revealed. As far as price goes, I’ll be happy as long as it’s anywhere in the $150-$220 price range. If the $170 rumor we’ve been hearing turns out to be true, it would make me dance around the house for a good nine hours. Also, I’m hoping we can get a list of definite launch titles. And if we can’t find out every launch title yet, I’d at least like to know if Super Mario Galaxy will make it in time for launch. I’m guessing it won’t. Even if it could be finished in time, I’ll bet Nintendo wants to make sure it’s spacing out its first party titles. That’s okay, though. After all, if we got Zelda and Mario at launch, I’m pretty sure my brain would explode from overwhelming levels of awesomeness. Bring on the megaton annoucements, Nintendo!

Nick: Let’s see the games! We know their names, now they should be ready for Prime Time. I want Europe to see some Nintendo love too, especially since the conference is in Germany.

What are you hoping for?