What Are the Chances?

Our anonymous tipster from earlier – we’ll call him “Discreet” – has sent us another email a few minutes ago. Now he says: “I would just like to say that at E3 2006, they will 100% no doubt be revealing a virtual reality gadget that functions with the revolution. The source I got this from also states that Nintendo has been working with E-D in the past and with 3DH. At E3, Nintendo will allow revolution controllers to be tested and virtual reality suits for special guests. High Status 3DH staff will appear and describe about the new technology and how the brain reads this new technology. Thats all I can reveal in this tip. Also about the pictures, I cannot release them, I was not even suppose to tell people about this.”

Hmm, interesting. Just a little while ago, GoNintendo pointed out an IGN forum thread in which a poster claimed this company called 3Dh was possibly working with Nintendo for this very reason. While i have faith in the IGN thread poster, who’s to say “Discreet” didn’t just read the same thread and add it to his overall story?



  1. FAKE: if Discreet said something that he/she/it wasn’t supposed to, what hurt woud it if they posted pics? if we don’t know Discreet’s name or where he got this “empty revo” how will he get into trouble? nintendo did say that they were interested with headmounted displays that 3hd made at E3 but i think that a full functioning reality suit is going a little far. the revo is only supposed to be twice as powerful as the GCN. what is this “reality suit” anyhow? does it detect your movements? “how the brain reads this new technology.” oh god, need say any more? this is nintendON all over again except without the cool cg video that 1 guy made in a week to try to get a job at nintendo. would any of you really like playing a video game with a “reality suit” on anyway?
    i think the the revo controller is good enough for me.

    and whats with all of the salt?

  2. Ohh ohh..

    I dont really care.


  3. Saltshakers?

  4. You know, like “take this with a grain of…”?

  5. aah i see. didn’t see that one

  6. I smell BULLSHIT

  7. Buuuuuullllll

  8. So let’s see, it isn’t even March and already E3 rumors are beginning to fly?? But then again, you can’t tell me this isn’t the most fun time of a console’s life, you know before it is born, when anybody can make stuff up about it and have it spread everywhere.

    This will be fun, and just think we probably have another good 8 months before it is released, or what will people think of??

  9. Less that four weeks till the GDC keynote. Maybe they’ll throw us a bone then. I’d like to see them just tell us what it WON’T have.

    Honestly though, I don’t see them putting us all in VR suits. It would go against the accessibility they went to great lengths to achieve with their new controller. I don’t see grampa and mom donning a helmet .. they’d be more like to play an FPS with WASD/mouse on a PC.


  10. I’ve been saying for a while that the REV will use some sort of projection technology.

    I’m still convinced.

    Do I have a source or anything to back this up. I don’t.

    But, if you remember early on in the Rev annoucements, it was hinted that “moving away form the TV format” was something to be considered.

    Sorry I don’t have a link to the quote but they definately said this I promise!

    Thinking about it – proejectors are tiny and affoardable now. And imagine, they could totally trump all the “HDTV” nonsense, “hey kids, why not have a FREE 5ft wide projection instead”

    I own a projector and play Cube games through it, ridiculously awesome I must say,.

  11. Maybe it is the Virtua Boy 2!

    That would be freakin’ AWESOME!!

  12. Nintendo is trying to keep costs DOWN for the consumer… this virtual reality headset is likely gonna go the way of the Sega Menacer, IF it even exists… someone calling themselves Discreet makes it sound like someone who works for the producers of 3DS Max, which makes software.


    And it’s not gonna happen.
    Give it up, believers.
    There’s no virtual reality stuff with the rev.

    Thank God.

  14. in my opinion, the controller is already as good as it gets. anything else would just be icing on the cake. i don’t know why some of you are so desperate for more…i don’t think you realize just how incredible the controller itself is..

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