What Are the Chances?

Our anonymous tipster from earlier – we’ll call him “Discreet” – has sent us another email a few minutes ago. Now he says: “I would just like to say that at E3 2006, they will 100% no doubt be revealing a virtual reality gadget that functions with the revolution. The source I got this from also states that Nintendo has been working with E-D in the past and with 3DH. At E3, Nintendo will allow revolution controllers to be tested and virtual reality suits for special guests. High Status 3DH staff will appear and describe about the new technology and how the brain reads this new technology. Thats all I can reveal in this tip. Also about the pictures, I cannot release them, I was not even suppose to tell people about this.”

Hmm, interesting. Just a little while ago, GoNintendo pointed out an IGN forum thread in which a poster claimed this company called 3Dh was possibly working with Nintendo for this very reason. While i have faith in the IGN thread poster, who’s to say “Discreet” didn’t just read the same thread and add it to his overall story?