Welcome to the new domain

If you’re reading this, you’ve successfully landed on our new domain. Things have been a little slow around here these past couple of days with half the Infendo team either sick with a cold or having babies. We’ll get back to quality post shortly, but in the meantime, give us a shout out in the comments letting us know you safely traveled the depths of the internet and made it to the new site.


  1. Hey! Yay, infendo. Neat new domain. Am I the first one here? ._.

  2. Im 2nd 🙂

  3. 3rd. Bronze for me…..

  4. 4th. Failure for me… *weeps*

  5. 5TH?!?!?!? IM A BAD PERSON!!!!!

    either way congrats on the new domain name!

  6. Next step: Your own hosting. 🙂

  7. Whooaaa! watch the first step! It’s a doozie!

    I can feel the love from the new domain already..
    Rock On.

  8. Hello

  9. congrats!
    I regret not getting my domain sooner 🙂

  10. Hello world.

  11. Congratulations ! 🙂

  12. good, i was consistently going to infendo.com and then click on infendo.blogger.com! (faster :p).

    on a side note:
    Reggie is challenging the mario kart community this monday. i think you should post this news on the front page Blake!
    news at http://www.nintendo.com

  13. Brand new domain!Good!Keep going this way!

  14. Woohoo! Now I can probably access Infendo from school! XD

  15. way to go!

    next step is to find a way to get rid of all of these excessive ads. i would gladly donate a few dollars if i didn’t have to look at all that google adsense.

  16. Aye man, the google adsense is necessary. We all know that even though there are avid readers of infendo, not enough will contribute $$$$. Just click on some adsense and keep this domain moving.
    Great Job Team Infendo!

  17. Good Job, I read you guys daily

  18. Well, I’m here, but for some reason I was redirected to a PSP ‘upcoming releases ‘fanboy site for a few seconds. Don’t worry, no one saw me, the place was empty.

  19. The journey was tough. i had just enough time to read “moving” then POOF!!!! You started welcoming me. I hope I can get over the trama.

    PS: You guys have weird words for the verification. I never knew “vdsuatle” was a word.

  20. Made it

  21. What?

    I have been coming to this blog by typing “infendo.com” in my address bar for months now!

  22. aye anon, but how many of those people that won’t donate are actually clicking on those ads, or just ignoring them?

    i don’t mind ads, but they are currently saturating this site, and it’s ugly.


  24. As long as I dont have to click “Skip this Advertisement” like i do on IGN I am ok with it.

    BTW you guys need to get a favicon.ico for your site. At least the Blogspot one help my bookmarks.

  25. Now I gotta change the bookmark on my PC. I already updated the link to you guys on my blog! ^_^

  26. New domain, eh? Alrighty then.

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