Virtual reality could be Nintendo Switch’s secret weapon

Virtual reality could be Nintendo Switch’s secret weapon

Even though the Nintendo Switch is a gaming console, it doesn’t have a lot in common with high-tech VR systems like the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, and the Gear VR. These companies are still far from experiencing a mainstream break-through. But they can experience it if only they copied Nintendo’s approach to VR implementation.

This $300 gadget could contain all you need for VR gaming.

It’s indeed true that Virtual Reality is the Switch’s latest weapon to attracting the masses. At the moment, VR is split into 2 camps. The first one involves costly PCs that show off the latest cutting edge technology in gaming. On the other hand, the second camp consists of headsets that are to be used with smartphones. However, these headsets tend to lack all the bells and whistles that come with their high-end counterparts.

Furthermore, the two ‘’solutions’’ often come with fragmented setups, meaning that they come with different parts that are manufactured by different companies. As a result, this setup turns out to be costly when it comes to putting it together.

For instance, if you want to experience the full effect of the highly-touted Oculus Rift, you have to invest in a Rift headset, VR-ready PC alongside touch controls. On the other hand, if you want to use a mobile VR system like Daydream View, you need to invest in a compatible smart phone and a separate headset.

It might be psychological. But even then, customers tend to want everything made by the same company in one place. In fact, with the right setup involving everything being presented as one package, there is no guessing whether or not you have all the right pieces of the puzzle.

What is more, that box needs to come at a smaller price than what it is currently retailing for. Let’s say you’re investing in a VR-compatible PC together with an Oculus or Vive setup, do you think that the total cost will easily surpass the $1000 mark? The answer is yes.

Think about the mobile options out there. Those headsets can be sold for less than $100. That’s cheap, and the reason is because you are already investing in a smart phone that will cost you $600+. Even so, VR in a mobile phone lacks real motion controls hence you won’t be getting the full experience.

What is more, even if you used an iPhone device for instance, you’d quickly find that the device is lagging behind in terms of VR software and hardware. This will only become more of a reality when the subsequent iPhone generations come into the picture.

VR could be the secret weapon that Nintendo hopes to ride on ahead of its competitors. If Nintendo were to release a headset that could attach to the Switch console, the gadget gives you everything you need in one place to foster high-quality VR experience in a gaming console. And the best thing is that Nintendo is offering the base package for $300. This could mean that the Nintendo Switch is even becoming more affordable that certain high-end smartphones. It’s just another opportunity for gamers to play casino games online through a console as opposed to a high-end smartphone.