Virtual Console Survey

A marketing company is circulating an online survey for Nintendo asking gamers for their opinions about the Revolution’s Virtual Console. What most stands out is that the survey lists three pricing models:

Game purchase. You may be able to buy retro games and save them to the Nintendo Revolution’s memory, so they are always available.

Game rental. You may be able to rent games for a specified period.

Game subscription. By paying a monthly subscription fee, you will be able to add a certain number of games to your personal game library each month. You will be able to play all of the games in your library, including those that you added in previous months, as long as you continue your subscription. Note that one subscription option would allow for ‘unlimited’ access to the Virtual Console library. This means you could play any Virtual Console game as long as you maintained your subscription. “

The survey goes on to list a bunch of very popular first and third-party games from the NES, SNES, and N64 for no apparent reason other than to indicate that they will be available for download at launch.

[source: Joystiq]


  1. looks pretty fake to me — even if it is early beta

  2. The screenshots shown on Joystiq were clearly indicated to be mockups.

  3. Game Subscription has a pretty large chunk of text, because it takes the most the explain? Of course reading the sub-text what they’re really saying is “please tick subscription.” Well subscription is a respectable price model for hard core gamers (rollin…) who will want to check out loads of games, but rubbish for anyone interested in checking out just one or two titles. Hopefully some sort of dual model will be employed.

  4. I believe they’ll employ all three.

    And what’s this about Rollin?

  5. sounds like a good idea to employ all three to me… i personally would go for “game purchase” the most… just to pick up old favorites… but the “game rental” would be an ideal way to try out ones that look interesting and i’ve never played… then i could make educated judgement on whether i want to purchase one or not… i just don’t play enough games to have any interest in the “game subscription” model… although the whole “unlimited package” might be ideal if i was financially well off…

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