Virtual Console Monday – Excitebike, Splatterhouse, and Beyond Oasis

Three new titles hit the Virtual Console today:

Excitebike (NES, 500 points) – Race by yourself againt the clock or compete with other motocross riders on 5 tracks full of long straights, large jumps and obstacles to win the Excitebike championship.

Splatterhouse (TG16, 600 points) – The forces of evil are abroad – ghastly, slimy creatures from the depths of your very worst nightmares. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they’ve captured your girlfriend! You’ve got to go to rescue her, so climb into your blue boiler-suit, put on your fearsome ice hockey mask and go kick the butts of those things that go bump in the night.

Beyond Oasis (Genesis, 800 points) – You are the young Prince Ali in a desperate fight to defeat the evil that is threatening your island empire, Oasis. Long ago, a war raged between a wicked sorcerer who used a silver “armlet” to unleash destruction on the island and a wizard who defied him with a gold armlet that could summon four powerful spirits.

Excitebike (which is definitely out today) is one of my all-time favorites. I’m fruitlessly hoping that you’ll be able to save track designs on you Wii’s memory.

Anyone else interested in this week’s releases?

[via The Virtual Console Archives and the Wii-kly Update]