Virtual Console Monday – Battle Lode Runner, Gradius 3, and Wonder Boy In Monster World

Three interesting releases on VC this week:

Gradius 3 – SNES – 800 Points
Return again as pilot of the Vic Viper starfighter to battle the onslaughts of the Bacterion Empire.

Wonder Boy in Monster World – Genesis – 800 Points
Monster World was once a peaceful region. Then, the peace was shattered by an invading army of monsters. A young man named Shion vowed to defeat them and make his land peaceful again.

Battle Lode Runner – TG16 – 600 Points
This upgraded edition to the famous Lode Runner series includes a 5-player versus mode. Gold funds have been stolen from the Time Machine Research Center, and the group responsible used a time machine to escape and hide the gold throughout time. The center sends an elite team of “Runners” to go and retrieve the gold.

Battle Lode Runner and Gradius 3 are yelling out at me. What sounds good to you?

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