Video: Robot Chicken segments from Nintendo’s Digital Event

We all knew from the start that Nintendo’s Digital Event was going to focused solely on first-party projects, but to have the makers of Robot Chicken provide some Nintendo-centric humor? Yeah, no one, including myself, did not see Nintendo going out their way to have the creators of the popular Adult Swim stop-motion animation show to take a few self-inflicted jabs at the company. But, it was all for good laughs for longtime fans of Nintendo.

Nintendo and Robot Chicken certainly knew their audience with these various segments. One bit in particular has a media member accosting Reggie on stage for the lack of a Mother 3 English translation before NoA’s head honcho blasts him with a fire flower. In addition, we get a subtle nod to adult Link shocked that Toon Link would ever show his face to him at a E3 press conference.

The segments,while spread out over the course of the Digital Event, were a generous salute to Nintendo fans’ passion for the company’s past franchises and, of course, their dreams of new IPs. With Robot Chicken having done Star Wars and DC Comics themed episodes in the past, hopefully this leads to the creators penning together a Nintendo episode in the future.

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