Vegas Dream from Hal Laboratory


It can be difficult to remember the gaming world of the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s, even for those of us who were growing up during that time. Vegas Dream is another casino style game that works a little bit like Monopoly, which was the case for a lot of casino games of this era. People start out this game with seven hundred dollars. They will then have to spend the seven hundred dollars playing the classic casino games roulette, keno, slot machines, or blackjack. The challenges in the game are going to come from the challenges posed by the casino games themselves, of course. However, additional obstacles are introduced in the form of other characters that appear in between rounds at the various casino games.

Some of these characters are going to be people who will try to undermine the success of the games in some way or another. They might be thieves who will try to steal the money of the people involved. Other characters are actually truly looking for help, and it might be a good idea to help them in order to get help in return at a later date. Players in this situation are going to have to make certain calculations and compromises as a result of the mechanics of the game, and this is going to give them the opportunity to really challenge themselves. They will have to use their casino gaming skills and many others.

Vegas Dream is not going to help people earn any real money. However, this is still a game that can actually help people with some of the skills that they would use in the process of earning money at casinos anyway, particularly in terms of the social interaction aspect. Still, one way or another, people are playing games like this for fun, and that is what something like Vegas Dream can offer people, even though it is a game that is more than twenty years old by this point. Vegas Dream still can offer people a lot today.

Vegas Dream is one of the many games from this era that makes it clear how much people really like casino games. This was before the online casino gaming niche exploded in popularity, and even before Microgaming arrived on the scene. However, Vegas Dream still demonstrates the extent to which people really do like games that have this theme and the extent to which people really enjoy playing casino games in any form, whether they do it at the website or the games of older Nintendo systems.