Vania Does What NDogs Couldn’t

In this article, GameDaily BIZ takes a look at Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow‘s success. It actually goes a bit deeper than numbers. From the article: “We knew that Castlevania DS was already a highly anticipated title, and we are very pleased, not only with the commercial success, but also with the critical acclaim that the product received from both consumers and the editorial community. The game has exceeded our expectations and we continue to see solid re-orders at retail,” Dawn of Sorrow Product Manager Matt Knoles said.

Konami explains why the series is so successful (no rehashes) and says the series has “deepening roots” in the hardcore community. The game was the #2 portable game for October, with about 77,000 copies sold, according to NPD. They also said that it caused alot of gamers on the fence about DS to take the plunge. Nintendogs took care of the females, Castlevania took care of the DS doubters. If you haven’t yet, go snag a copy of Dawn of Sorrow.

[Source: GameDAILY BIZ]