US September Hardware/Software Sales

While we don’t see these very often, the NPD Group has released the hardware and software sales numbers in the US for the 5-week month of September.

PS2 = 268,000 (53,600 per week)
XBX = 124,000 (24,800 per week)
GCN = 108,000 (21,600 per week)
GBA = ~185,000 (37,000 per week)
NDS = ~164,000 (32,800 per week)

If you’ve noticed, Nintendo has been pushing their Fall lineup rather strongly with television commercials, so it’s good to see they have worked out for them. It isn’t clear if the Micro factored into GBA sales, but if they did, it didn’t do so great. To be fair, the Micro’s shipments arrived on different dates for many shops. DS succumbed to the GBA in September (PSP sales were missing for some odd reason), although September was a slow month for DS releases, falling inbetween August’s Nintendogs and October’s Castlevania.

Is the GameCube doing better than you expected in the US?

[by Rollin, Source: GAF]