US September Hardware/Software Sales

While we don’t see these very often, the NPD Group has released the hardware and software sales numbers in the US for the 5-week month of September.

PS2 = 268,000 (53,600 per week)
XBX = 124,000 (24,800 per week)
GCN = 108,000 (21,600 per week)
GBA = ~185,000 (37,000 per week)
NDS = ~164,000 (32,800 per week)

If you’ve noticed, Nintendo has been pushing their Fall lineup rather strongly with television commercials, so it’s good to see they have worked out for them. It isn’t clear if the Micro factored into GBA sales, but if they did, it didn’t do so great. To be fair, the Micro’s shipments arrived on different dates for many shops. DS succumbed to the GBA in September (PSP sales were missing for some odd reason), although September was a slow month for DS releases, falling inbetween August’s Nintendogs and October’s Castlevania.

Is the GameCube doing better than you expected in the US?

[by Rollin, Source: GAF]


  1. I don’t think GC is doing better than people expect, but rather in the real world the Xbox is doing (and has consistently done) much worse than people would think given the Microsoft reality distortion zone.

    It feels as if the ratio of pro-Xbox and pro-MSFT stories in the media to pro-GC stories is awfully high. Many mainstream media outlets prefer to run the “Nintendo is dead” nonsense, or just ignore the company, the GameCube and the Revolution entirely.

    Yet, at the end of the day, the sales numbers in the US show the difference between the two companies is not so great. Plus, Nintendo actually makes money.

  2. I’d like to see an additional report each month that says how many of the PS2s bought are replacements for broken ones.

  3. Considering that I know about two people who own a Gamecube(and one person who sold his ‘Cube to buy an XBox), yes, the GCN is doing better than I expected.

  4. Any PSP or GB Micro stats? I am interested to know how the Micro performed in its first months of sales :D.

  5. Not yet, but it prob wasn’t great for the Micro. I had a hard time getting one in the first week of release so i assume most ppl had that problem, too. But it was heavily advertised, so who knows.

  6. FWIW, the combined Nintendo totals exceed the combined XBox and PS2 totals (457,000 vs 392,000), and as Nintendo is the only vendor in the list that makes money on every unit they sell (unlike the money lost on every XBox and PS2 sold), I would say these numbers look realy good for Nintendo.

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