US Portable Games Explosion

There are lies, darn lies, and forecasts. Regardless, The Yankee Group is projecting today that the US portable games business could reach $2.9 billion by 2009. That means if Nintendo keeps doing what they’ve done so well, they’ll make a lot of money. It also means the competition will be even fiercer to get a piece of that tasty pie.

Sony is having troubles with the PSP, but you gotta believe they’re not even close to throwing in the towel just yet. And will Microsoft ever enter the handheld frey? We’ll have to what and see but expect big things for the DS and Gameboy systems in the coming years.

[Source: Next-Gen]


  1. lol… I just imagined the Xbox Portable…. a 40-lb. device with 12 dual-core processors in a large back-pack unit that you wear on your back, which is connected by a wire to the portable you hold in your hands, which is so ungodly huge that not even a gorilla could wrap its hands around it. So huge that it can easily accommodate a full-sized DVD (or 10) so you can conveniently watch all your movies on the go! Of course, it doesn’t have any good games, but… ZOMG MOVIES?!?! I SO need to watch movies on my gaming machine! Sign me up!!!!!!!111111

  2. LOL

  3. M$ just need to buy telematics or the gizmondo portable, plus ia a windows CE ready machine…

    boom M$ go portable.

  4. lol @ 1st post.

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