UPDATE: Erroneous ONM Wii article was a "freak accident"

Our recent coverage of the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine claiming that Wii can do 720p resulted in an admission of error by one of their staff writers, Chris Scullion.

In a post about our article on GoNintendo, Scullion says, “We messed up, we missed it when proofreading it and NCL then missed it when it was passed to them for approval. It was a freak accident and we apologise for it. The main text should have said 480i and 480p, there’s nothing more I can say.”

Scullion then went on to say, “Let’s not turn this into an argument please folks, I’ve said all I need to. I’ve clarified the fact that it was a typo and I’ve apologised on behalf of the magazine.”

At ONM’s forums, one of their moderators said, “Ladies and gents. Please accept our apologies. It is a genuine mistake, and it’s something that managed to pass everyone by, including NCL! The last thing we wanted was for people to start getting excited about the possibilities of HD ”“- hopefully the remainder of the faulty paragraph made you realise that the numbers were unintentional. It is a small but significant error, and we apologise.”

Is it time for Nintendo to crack down on this magazine? Since it’s the official magazine for Nintendo in the UK, does it reflect poorly on Nintendo as a whole?