UPDATE: Bad blogger! Madden weather controlled by clock

Unfortunately for me, Madden’s weather is controlled by the Wii’s internal clock and region encoding, not the Wii Weather Channel as I reported earlier. The double edged nature of Digg’d stories, no?

What I reported earlier: The newly updated Wii Weather Channel has god-like power over Madden, and makes it snow when snow is falling outside your window.

But here’s what really happened (a la the ending of the movie Clue): The story was debunked faster than a homebrew Wii USB storage device.

Eric over at 4cr helps me out:

“This is false. IT is not real weather changes. It act like how AC is now. It checks the time and the season and then makes it snow in winter and if its night its dark. This was there before the weather channel”

I tell ya. Whether they’re defending my lame brain posts about GoW, or politely telling me I’ve been had, 4cr = classy.

[UPDATE from old post, found here:

If you have Madden and you’ve updated your Wii Weather Channel, check the weather in your selected region and then go play a game. Apparently there’s an Easter egg that matches up real time weather in-game.

From the Nintendo forums:

“Look at the Weather Channel! Now switch your regoin to a snowy region or rainy region. Now go play Madden & look at the weather…it WILL BE THE SAME AS WHAT THE WEATHER CHANNEL IS!!!”

Now, if only the SMB VC freebie rumor comes true. THAT will be an egg worth remembering.]