Unboxing: Infendo unclothes Metroid Prime Trilogy

Baby got (more) back.

First impressions: As far as the game goes, the unified menu isn’t anything to write home about, and I’m not quite sure what Nintendo means by “refined” 16:9. Looks the same to me. That said, everything seems shinier, and it’s more fun to play the first game using the Wii remote than the original GameCube controller. Maybe even worth a second play through.

So if you’ve never played the first game (which I think has the best level design and story progression of the three), are a Nintendo collector or die-hard Metroid fan, you might consider this. What’s more, the second game’s 4-person split-screen multiplayer (using motion control) is here as well.


  1. Definitely getting this.

  2. Blake, can we swap friendcodes in the name of science.
    I wish to verify friend voucher compatibility between my copy of Prime 3 and your copy of Prime Trilogy. I’ve got 7 sitting here to send your way. You needn’t even return the favor, I have everything unlocked in Prime 3 already.
    I’m pretty sure you guys can get my email out of this post, we can swap codes that way.


  3. I started Metroid Prime a long time ago, but dropped the game because GameCube controls just didn’t feel as good for FPS titles as Wii controls did. This is exactly what I wanted, and is definitely on my must buy list.

  4. can we get an update on the multiplayer? Everyone mentions that it’s there, but never says if it’s an fun or how the mode feels. Hook us up!

  5. looks sick. might be a release day pickup, but definetly a must buy.

  6. @srkelley – The multiplayer is there. Just new controls. Local 2-4 player deathmatch. No bots. Everyone is Samus. I have the original Prime 2, so I can vouch. Why do you think they left it out of Prime 3?

    Its not bad, its just not ground-breakingly awesome.

  7. if this is the collector’s edition. is there a regular edition? do i have to pick this one up right away? i hope not. it is a must buy and i got no money right now…:(

  8. There is no “regular edition” of the game Metroid Prime Trilogy. It’s called a collector’s edition because it includes 3 previously released games, 2 of which have been updated with widescreen and Wii controls (the first two titles, which were GameCube games). So they’re the same basic games… just better.

  9. I never played any of the Prime games before (except the awkward “hunters” game on the DS that seemed to only have ONE BOSS over and over,) but I just picked this up.

    It’s awesome.