Ubisoft Making Revolution FPS?

Finally, a rumor that has a chance. According to Spanish site Meristation, Ubisoft is making a Doom-like FPS for Revolution in their Canadian studio. The site claimed that the game will be unveiled at next year’s E3. No other details were given.

Later, another foreign site confirmed that Ubisoft is indeed making FPS titles in both Montreal and Paris for Revolution. Whether either of the two are the “Doom clone”, we don’t know, but it is believed that neither are the previously announced Killing Day or King Kong. If the rumor holds true, we are looking at 4-5 Ubisoft games for the Revolution some time in the future. The foreign sites have been on a roll lately, but just to be safe, we should approach this one with cautious optimism.



  1. I cannot wait to see a FPS on the Rev.

    I am still more excited about Metroid Rev, but hey at least Ubi is on board. Nintendo’s got back up this time around!

  2. Im from Spain and i used to read Meristation a lot. I would never trust everything that magazine said, Ive read many errors in their page and they never went back and corrected. Last error I read was that Mario 3×3 Basketball would not use the touch screen. So theirs is not great journalism.

  3. If the wand and knunchuck can control fps’ at least as well as a keyboard and mouse or very close to it, then it could be nice to see some new and hopefully innovative fps games. But if it is only as good as a regular controller, then I am just happy for the support.

    The nice thing with ubisoft support is you will get some style thrown, ot maybe even poured, into most of the games.

  4. I’m mostly interested in seeing how the “Gamecube Wavebird Shell” is going to be used. Having a gamecube controller with motion capabilities!

    Still, I always get crazy when I play light gun games, so I can imagine how insane I will get using the controller the in a similar way.

    Here is a link also confirming Ubi is developing for Rev.


    Not convinced…


    I’m hoping for Prince of Persia Rev for launch, but hey I can dream can’t I?

  5. People keep saying it can handle games light-gun style, but the primary innovation it brings to controlling FPS is how originally it does it. The FPSs from Ubi won’t be light-gun style, i can assure u. It’ll be like the TGS Prime 2 demo where u aim by looking around with the remote. Light gun games r on rails and i don’t think u’ll be seeing much of that. Maybe from Namco once in a while but not all the time.

  6. Off topic, but worth a mention anyway:

    IGN scored Mario Kart DS at a 9.5, calling it the best Kart game ever, and the best Mario Kart game to date. This is even in light of the online hiccups, which I;m sure every Sony fanboy in the world is going to point out to try and feel better about their $250 paperweight.

    GTA what?

    Link: http://ds.ign.com/articles/666/666125p3.html

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