Ubisoft CEO on Project Café: “it’s a fantastic platform”

Ubisoft and Nintendo have had a smashing relationship this console generation, as evidenced by the seven launch titles Ubisoft had ready for Wii. Ubisoft has made the most of this relationship and has, as of this writing, 14 million sellers on Wii. It isn’t a stretch to assume that Ubisoft will continue to support Nintendo platforms in the future, and leave it to CEO and founder Yves Guillemot to confirm just that! 

In an investor call earlier this week, Guillemot said of Project Café “The platform that Nintendo is coming with is really a fantastic platform.” Guillemot adds, “We think that it will be extremely successful,” before going on to say, “What we see is that we will be able to leverage a lot of the work we do for the Xbox 360 and PS3 when we create games for the platform.”

What does this all mean to your average Nintendo console owner? For one, it seems as if the Xbox 360 and PS3 won’t be the only consoles to get future Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell titles once Project Café arrives. If porting Xbox 360 and PS3 games to Project Café isn’t too difficult, hopefully this will start a trend with other developers to send their titles Nintendo’s way (Portal 3 on Project Café anyone?)

Here’s hoping that Project Café isn’t swamped with re-releases upon it’s arrival, but I’ve been around enough console launches to know better.


Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. I’m sure Nintendo’s next console will be fantastic, but I have to admit that these comparisons to the 360 and PS3 make me a little nervous. The Wii’s motion controls were truly revolutionary, and I’d hate for Nintendo to get rid of them or another unique feature in order to ‘fit in’.

  2. Awesome, bring out Assassin Creed on Project Cafe!

  3. Bring on HD Metroid, Excite Truck, F-Zero, Golden Eye, Punch Out, and more Metroid.

  4. @Brian
    Absolutely right about Metroid. I would love to see the revival of the 2D side-scrolling style Metroid titles like the often rumored Metroid Dread.

  5. Can’t wait for a Project Cafe launch title from Ubisoft akin to Red Steel! Woo hoo, go Ubisoft!

  6. i like the positive attitude, but i already have a 360. cafe needs to offer me something better than ports. especially ports from the previous generation.

  7. Dont forget Wave Race HD… More water particules, more realistic water simulation… oh my god…

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